There are 12 rules in technology


Rule 1:

Rule one is to slow down and think before you act.


Rule 2:

Rule two is to dress responsibly, meaning that you can’t wear baggy clothes and dangling jewelry, and to tie long hair back.


Rule 3:

Rule three is not to assume you know training before tools.


Rule 4:

Rule four is that you cant talk when using machinery since you need to concentrate when using them.


Rule 5:

Rule five is to always wear safety glasses (if you normally wear glasses you can skip this step.)


Rule 6:

Rule six is to get instructions and permission before using machinesIt is also important to inspect the machine to make sure that it isn’t broken.


Rule 7:

Rule seven is to shut off and unplug the machine before making adjustments.


Rule 8:

Rule eight is to never leave a power tool unattended while it is on.


Rule 9:

Rule nine is to be cautious around soldering irons becasue they can get up to 842ºF.


Rule 10:

Rule ten is to be careful when handling sharp things.


Rule 11:

Rule ten is to walk all the time and never nudge or push someone.


Rule 12:

Rule twelve is to report all accidents such as burns, cuts, scratches, and splinters no matter how small.