My buddy is a little girl named Dora. She is very sweet and has her own unique style. She has this dress that is grey with a variety if different color hearts all around which I love. She is always looking for the bright side in things. She is always willing to share. Dora is very creative, and artistic. For example she made two very adorable unique sculptures which you will see in my next post. Another example of that is for halloween she made her own robot costume! It was very obvious that she put a lot of time and effort into it. She is a great buddy, and I can’t wait to spend my school year with her.

From A Safe Distance

( This is just a blurb of my full story )

I wanted to yell at my sister.  She was always ruining everything.  Of course I knew that It wasn’t her fault, but it was easier to be mad at her for what she had done.  I was the one that was going to get in trouble for what she had done, because I was the one that had failed to keep her from being bad, and I had failed to make this evening go well for my mom’s friend.  I had failed…

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