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7th grade tech safety rules

Similar to 6th grade tech the rules in 7th grade tech are to never run, to tie up long hair, to put away loose clothing, to take away jewelry, and to  wear safety goggles. In addition to these rules some… Continue Reading →


I tech we built automatons. The first thing that we did was we looked at some other automatons and tried to figure out how they worked. After we cut out our cardboard for the box, we assembled it. After the… Continue Reading →


In technology we made flashlights. Step one to make these flashlights was to come up with a design that we thought would fit in a small box. After we had our design we drew out our diagram which had the… Continue Reading →

Class Rules

There are 12 rules in technology   Rule 1: Rule one is to slow down and think before you act.   Rule 2: Rule two is to dress responsibly, meaning that you can’t wear baggy clothes and dangling jewelry, and to tie… Continue Reading →

Solder Man

A solder man is a man that we bent out of metal and soldered together. We first started by shaping his headand twisted his neck, after that we soldered his arms on. We were supposed to think of something for… Continue Reading →


There are many dangerous tools in technology class, so it’s important that you follow all the safety precautions. One very important one is to always wear safety goggles, so that is anything gets in your face it won’t damage your… Continue Reading →

Human Rights Day

On Human Rights Day a jewelry designer came in and told us about something called an ivory nut that she uses to make jewelry. Basically it is a replacement for elephant tusk. What that means is that instead of using… Continue Reading →

Bobs Coffin

Bob, our class mascot, died. One day he started to leak, so me and my friend built him a coffin.   How did Bob die? Bob is a keychain that is filled with liquid. He is also that class mascot…. Continue Reading →

Why Are Companies Trying to Hire People With Autism?

Something called neurodiversity has been growing in American companies. An accounting firm EY (formerly known as Ernst & Young) has created a program to hire people on the autism spectrum. They are doing this for the benefits of having workers… Continue Reading →

Diagnosing Autism

Since there is no medical test, like a blood test diagnosing autism can be difficult. In diagnosing autism doctors look at behavior and development of the child. There are two steps to diagnosing: Developmental Screening and a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation…. Continue Reading →

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