Why Are Companies Trying to Hire People With Autism?

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Something called neurodiversity has been growing in American companies. An accounting firm EY (formerly known as Ernst & Young) has created a program to hire people on the autism spectrum. They are doing this for the benefits of having workers with different abilities such as greater productivity and to create a more talented working environment.


According to a study by Drexel University, 58% of young adults with autism don’t have a job, but many of them have skills that businesses are looking for such as the ability to focus over a long period of time, attention to little details, looking over data, dealing with mathematical concepts, and looking at large bodies of information and spotting out differences. Right now or EY has four employees that are autistic who are working as accountants. Two other companies I’ve also been hiring people with Autism they are HP Enterprises and Microsoft.


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Diagnosing Autism

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Since there is no medical test, like a blood test diagnosing autism can be difficult. In diagnosing autism doctors look at behavior and development of the child. There are two steps to diagnosing: Developmental Screening and a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.


Screening is a short test to tell if children are learning basic skills when they should. During the screening the doctor might ask the parents some questions, or talk to the child and play with the child during the exam to see how he or she learns, speaks, behaves and moves. Any delaying any of these areas could be the sign of a problem.


                                                          Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

The second step of diagnosing autism is a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation. This review may include looking at a child’s behavior and development, and interviewing the parents. It may also include a vision and hearing test, genetic tests, neurological testing, and other medical testing. In some cases doctors might choose to refer to a specialist for further assessment and diagnosis. A specialist that can do this type of of evaluation includes development pediatricians (doctors who have special training in child development and children special needs), children neurologist (a doctor who works on brain spine and nerves), child psychologist or psychiatrist (doctors who know about the human mind).


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Signs Of Autism


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Signs of autism can be detected in an infant as young as  6- 18 months. Some symptoms that occur in older babies and toddlers are  failing and responding to their names (child may appear to be deaf), avoiding eye contact, they may play with toys in an unusual way like line them up or focusing on parts of the toy rather than the whole toy. But since every child is different not all of these symptoms may apply to every child, and even if a child is displaying some of these signs that does not mean an automatic diagnoses of autism. However, if someone you know is displaying some of these signs and you are worried about the, you should contact a pediatrician.)


For an extended list of symptoms, click here.

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Understanding Autism

Autism is a disorder characterized by limited communication and interaction with others. It appears in young children and persist throughout life. Some symptoms are noticed in infancy, but usually they become more noticeable when children reach the age when they begin to speak and participate in social activities.

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate autism and related disorders occurs in about 1 in every 59 children. Boys are more likely affected than girls.

Leo Kanner Was an American psychiatrist who described the symptoms first in the 1940s. He chose the name autism for the Greek word self, the name refers to autistics lack of interest in other people.

Autism is diagnosed by a variety of symptoms. symptoms can occur in different combinations ranging from mild to severe. All diagnosis cases have symptoms from each three categories :  abnormal social interaction abnormal communication, and restricted and repetitive behaviors.


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Dora’s Day At The Movies

My buddy Dora wrote a story about when she went to the movies with her grandma, her dad, and her sister. She saw the movie Ferdinand. She called her story “The day I Love the Movies”. She wrote about the car ride to the movies, about where they sat, how they felt, how they left and what they ate after the movies, they ate celery and hot dogs. The movie was about bull named Fernando who didn’t want to fight. Her favorite part of the movie was when they fought.  She thought that’s the part when Fernando got a cut was very scary. In her book Dora spent a lot of time on her illustrations. Her story show how fun spending quality time with your family can be.

Corpus Callosum

Our brain is divided into two hemisphere, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The thing connecting the left and right hemisphere is called the corpus callosum. When you write with your left hand the right hemisphere is working, and if you write with your right hand the left hemisphere is working, and the two  hemispheres can send signals to each other. The reason that they can send signals is the corpus callosum. Some people have to have the corpus callosum removed from their brain. The reason some people have to get it removed is because they have a lot of seizures and getting it removed stops the spread of seizures from hemisphere to hemisphere, however it also stops the two hemispheres form sending signals to each other.  For example if you cover your left eye and look at a pencil with your right eye, you can write the what you saw with your left hand, because your left hemisphere can tell your right hemisphere what it saw. But if you have your corpus callosum removed and cover your left eye and look at a pencil with your right eye, you can’t write what you saw with your left hand, because the two hemispheres have no way to connect without your corpus callosum. If you have any questions about this topic please leave a comment!