Best Bars Score!

A few weeks ago I went to a gymnastics meet. It was my 4th meet. After me and my friend Avery got dropped of we went to find our team. There were lots of teams with many different colored uniforms. When we found our team our coach said “Do the competition warm up. We got into lines  and started to run forwards. After we ran forwards we ran backwards, skipped, did egg beaters, sashays, and relavay walks. Then our coach said “Stretch.” We stretched from head to toes and then practiced our skills in our rue-teen. When we were done we all huddled and our coach told us what our first event was which was bars. We all walked to the uneven bars.

We started warming up our rue-teens. We all warmed up twice and then it was the real thing. Everyone on the bigger bar setting went first. I’m not on the bigger bar setting. When all the girls on the bigger setting went it was Avery’s turn. Avery went and when she dismounted off the bar it was my turn. I waited for the judge to wave her flag and call my name. I was shaking like crazy. Suddenly she waved her flag and I presented and jumped to the bar and kipped my legs up. I tried to squeeze my legs together as tight as I could. Then I squatted on and I fell, so I just climbed on and jumped to the bar and kipped up, but fell.  I just did a pull over and and casted into a back hip circle and dismounted off. I presented once again. I looked at the TV to see my score it was a 7.oo. That was my best score on bars ever. I was so happy, but knew I could have done better and would do better next time!

Hope you enjoyed my post. Comment if you have competed in a gymnastics meet or if you do gymnastics. I will post again as soon as I can.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth great post I love how you described how you felt. I know how you feel I use to do dance and I keept falling over and I got a good score. CGA

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