Paddle Boarding

On Monday we went paddle boarding ¬†at the Scarsdale schools. My PE coach had prepared us for his day. She taught us tea grip and to work on our balance, so we didn’t fall in he water. We stood on core boards with a boso ball acting a s the water. My coach taught us how to get on and get off and how to turn, so when we got at the pool we were prepared.

When I got in line. I felt a river of happiness passing throw body. When it was my turn I remember how to get on. When I as on I did my tea grip and started to paddle and when I got close to the end of the lane I did 5 sweep strokes which turned me. I started paddling again and when I was close to the of the lane I got down to my knees and jumped down. It felt so good because it was a bout 100 degrees. Then I got out of the pool.

I will always remember my first time paddle boarding. Hope you liked my blog. I will blog again soon.

2 thoughts on “Paddle Boarding

  1. Elizabeth I agree that it was really fun. I remember the core boards and the blue balls under the real paddle board in my opinion was much more fun.Did you have a favorite boat?

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