Post #5- Battery Switch #1

When I walk to tech class I’m pretty positive were gonna do an experiment because we are doing those a lot lately, of course I was right. I walk into the class and I see on the board it says to go to we go there a lot, it’s where you go when were doing a new experiment. After my teacher waits a few minutes for everyone to come in, he switches on to the next slide. It’s nothing but a few moments later he says to come to a table, while everyone goes to the table I’m curious what he is gonna talk about.  The experiment were doing is on, battery switches where we have to make a design and see if it works when we check it on on the battery switches and if it works a green lights up. After he explained everything he showed us examples, after he showed us the examples I knew exactly what I was doing. I am making a swing where the tinfoil will be rapped around the swing that’s hanging from the top and put tinfoil at the bottom.

    It’s time to start first I had to grab tinfoil, my safety goggles and cut out a circle on the machine. When I first tried I was so scared because it was really fast and sharp, after I finished (which took a long time) it didn’t look good because some of it was ripped, so I had to start again. This time I tried to be extra careful, and it worked, it looked so good! Now I had to grab the supplies I needed tinfoil, rubber band to hold my swing, popsicle sticks so I can hang my swing on something and tape to make sure the tinfoil was on. First I had to tinfoil at the bottom so I could have another tinfoil to make it worked. Now it was time for the hot glue gun, I grabbed my two popsical sticks, two rubber bands and my circle with the tinfoil rapped around it. First I put the triangle cardboard so my two popsicle sticks would stand up and they did! First thing success, now I need to get another popsicle sticks and rap the rubber band around it. I glued the popsicle stick to the two popsicle sticks. After that I put the tinfoil on the popsicle stick so it would work, now I just had to put the circle in. Done, oh no I forgot to test it I thought to myself but class was over. The next day I run to get my design and test it, when I try to test it wouldn’t work because I needed more rubber bands so I could push it down to the other tinfoil. I get two more rubber bands and it works I push it down and the green light lit up yay!

Post #4 Soldering 2

I go into tech class so scared for soldering because I never done it before. I wait in the line for soldering and out of no time it’s my turn, I’m so scared to start. I had no clue what I was doing so I asked my teacher and he showed me how to do it. I tried it and it actually was not so hard, you need to put the solder on a wire then put it where you need to put the things together and it works. I started getting the hang of it really fast. After I finished soldering I had to sandpaper my design. I WAS FINISHED!

Post #3- Soldering

    When I walk into class everyone is in a circle around a table and has safety goggles. I was so excited to see everyone with googles because I know were gonna do something exciting. After I put my googles on too, I look what everyone is looking at and I see wire that was made into a design and I look at it and my jaw drops, how does anyone do that.

   We go back to our tables and our teacher is going around the room handing out a piece of paper, when I got the paper I was so confused, all I see is circles on a piece of paper. He tells us that we have to make designs out of five lines for homework, oh that’s not that hard I tell myself. When I get home I’m so excited to do my tech homework but when I start I’m totally stuck. I didn’t  know what to draw but I came up with ideas like, basketball, flower and other things. I finally got the handle of it, I was going so fast. When I walk into school the next day I’m so curious what were gonna do next for the unit. I walk into tech and I’m so bummed because I see on the board that we should go to the Vectornator app, we went there a few days ago and it was were we could draw in a circle thing. 

  When we open the app our teacher tells us to take out the sheet from last night and I was really confused but so happy. It turns out were gonna pick a design that we liked and draw it in Vectornator. I picked the basketball I made because it has 4 lines and I thought it would be easy, it was really helpful that before we started my tech teacher told us how to straighten our lines so it looks good. After I finished my design on vectornator I had to print it to the Library, the Library is a far walk. 

  The next day I’m so curious what were gonna do in tech class, when I walk in I see everyone in a line at my teachers desk so I go to the end of the line and I notice that everyone is getting wire probably to make their design. When I go back to my table I shaped the wire into my basketball but when I’m in the middle of my design I realize I don’t have enough wire so I had to I start again. The next time I did it I asked for extra wire so I could finish it. The second time I did it it took two classes but I finally finishes it and now it’s time for soldering!




Post #2- Electric Effluvia

    When I walk into the tech classroom, I look at the smart board we’re it tells us what we have to do at the begging of class. I get to my seat and open up my iPad go to the website and log in, when I look the screen I see what it says on then board so it’s probably connected with the smart board. We started talking about an experiment, i’m happy because we never done an experiment before just talked about how the class is and works . He explained about what we are going to do today with pictures and words, were making a electric scope. An electric scope basically is, “The electric effluvia differ from the air, and as air is the earth’s effluvium, so electric bodies have their own distinctive effluvia.” After the lesson about the electric scope I was really excited to begin.

    Were doing this project with our tables, one person has to get the electric scope from our table, after that we started. This is what the electric scope looked like=


Before we try the electric scope we have to use our cloth to clean the pole for it to work. Now it’s time to begin, we are supposed to put the pole near the spiral but cant put it on just next to it without touching it and the paper in the jar is supposed to move. Someone at my table tries it right away and it works and then the next person tries and it works, it’s so cool. Now I give it a go and it doesn’t work I’m so annoyed so I use the cloth and rub it a lot and then I try again and it works it was so weirdbut cool. 

    After everyone tried it multiple times our teacher comes around putting papers and I’m so confused then he said to do the same thing but put your pole over the papers. I rub the cloth a lot on my pole because of what happen last time. It’s my time to go first, I’m curious if it’s gonna work. I put the pole over and the papers move around and stick to my pole, it’s so cool. Overall it was a interesting  and a fun experience.



Post #1- Breakout

           Walking into tech for the third day in a row i’m So curious what we are going to do or learn about. I walk in with my iPad in my hands seeing all the kids sitting a their seat so I go over to my seat. After talking about technology for a little my tech teacher said we are going to do something called breakout, all I was thinking is this seems fun. He split us up in teams by our table I had a really good team.  After all of that he starts to explain how to play, we have to find clues around the whole room after we find the clues we look at what the clue is so we can get the lock open, there are four locks 3 for each team and one the two teams try to race to get the code so you have a better start.

          Now it’s time for questions if someone didn’t  understand they could ask a question, I had no questions. All the questions were answered so now it’s  time to start, we have 30 minutes on the clock. “READY SET GO” were off the teams looking all around the room trying to look for the clues. 15 minutes have passed, 20 minutes have past and no one has found any clues, finally someone finds a clue but wait their on the other team. My team is getting a little frustrated but we are not giving up. There is just one place we haven’t look so I go over to the tables and I noticed that on only one table there is a sheet of paper but not on the others that has to be a clue so I take it. We have to gather all of the clues before we can solve them, we have 2 more left not counting the one we share with the other team.                                                                             

        Both of the teams have one clue, after the first one we started to get the hang of this. We got the second one then the third so we ask our teacher if we can have a hint because were aloud two hints he, gave us a hint to one of the papers but we still couldn’t figure it out. When I look at the other clues I realize on one of the clues there are ghost on everyone one of the sheet so I look and there is 3 numbers. I go over to the lock were everyone is at which is the one we share with other team, no one is getting it so I probably won’t get it but I try anyways. I am so nervous because time is running out so I put the code fast and pull the top of it, and there it is I unlocked the code I was beaming with excitement. I open it up and see a flashlight and I know what that is for but my teammates already got it and there is another one completed. With only five minutes left, we have to get the other code but in a second the buzzer beeped and time was out, it turned out we tied with the other team. Overall it was a great and fun experience and I hope we do something again like this.    


Immigration Interview #4- Immigration Spark Video Organizer


We went computer a couple days after we went to computer lab for the practice one on rube goldberg video this time we were working on our “Immigration spark organizer.” Basically a “immigration Spark Organizer” is to help us prepare for your real video I did min on a google doc I didn’t do one for the rube goldberg because it was practice but im using it for my immigration video cause it is my real one. I am doing the organizer first so when I do the real spark video I can go right through it and not get stuck some people though do it at the same time so would do the slide first and then do the organizer.


Personally I don’t like the way you do it at the same time because it takes longer and you might get stuck which would lose time. The organizer has 4 columns the first one is your slide number, your second is Script/ Narration, your third is Slide Text and the last one is Slide Image. This is really helpful so you are planed.

Rube Goldberg #6- My Overall Experience

Overall Rube Goldberg was definitely my favorite unit so far I had a great time with Hannah and Summer I feel like we worked really hard on the unit and it came out amazing. I would like to give a huge shoutout to Summer and Hannah for being great partners and Summer’s mom Katie for helping us. My favorite part about rube Goldberg was our success because it was so fun jumping around and being successful. It was amazing being partners with Summer and Hannah I really enjoyed working with them. I am so proud of Hannah for making the video it was amazing!!!!!


It was really fun sharing our video with the whole class and I loved everyone’s presentation, some of there’s were really complex. I’m so sad Rube Goldberg is over I had a great time with everything like, the sketch, our success, attempts, bloopers, the video and way more.


Rube Goldberg #5- Our Success

After all of our attempts we finally got a success we were so happy,  we thought we were never going to be able to do it. I feel like we got our success because we pushed the ball really hard and we had the jenga and dominos spread out, like they weren’t on top of each other because most of our Rube Goldberg is hitting stuff into stuff. You should of saw us when we did our task for our Rube goldberg we were jumping up like crazy it felt like it was the best thing in our world. It was really frustrating at some points because sometimes we would complete a task but not put one of our steps in the Rube Goldberg but we didn’t put it as a fail or a success.


We honestly thought we would never get a success, but we were wrong. We only went to Summer’s house like 4 times so it was good we got our Rube goldberg so early because we all have very busy schedule and we might have been still doing our Rube Goldberg right now if we haven’t of finish it so early. Also one time our rube goldberg we completed our task but forgot about the music but we finally got a success. Now I will be talking about the overall experience.


Rube Goldberg #4 Our Attempts

Me, Hannah and Summer knew that we were not going to get our Rube Goldberg on our first try but we were still going to give our best! Obviously we didn’t get it on our first try, sometimes we didn’t push the ball hard enough or the jenga or dominos were too close together. It only took us 6 tries not so bad. I feel that we should of made our Rube Goldberg a little more complex because the whole thing was things knocking something down to the other. I’m really proud of Summer and Hannah we did a amazing job!


We had a lot of different mistakes but they were small ones. Sometimes we forgot to put one of our steps when we were doing it. To be honest I thought we were going to have a lot more attempts, I was shocked that we only had 6 attempts I thought we were going to have like 18.  With our attempts I learned that if you don’t get your first attempt keep trying. Finally there was a success.


Rube Goldberg # 3 Sketch


We had to start building before we could do our sketch because we needed to know basically what we should do for our building. Hannah and I are going to start building while summer is going to do our sketch because Summer is better at writing and designing while Hannah and I are better at building stuff and making stuff . We did our sketch pretty late because we kept on changing our steps because stuff didn’t work or we did too much of the same thing and repeating our steps. After we knew basically what we were going to do we got straight to the sketch.


Summer’s mom got us a big piece of paper so we can show really what our rube goldberg is. Summer did step by step but then there was a problem when Summer was doing the sketch we messed up the American doll nail polish wasn’t strong enough so she had to redo that. Then we were on a roll until we had to change the whole thing because it didn’t work so we had to redo the WHOLE THING!!!!! Then we finally finished the sketch.