Capstone 6-  Working on My Final Project


We finished with our essay, yeah! Now we have to do our slideshow presentation where we have to decide what we want to do, a TED talk or a ignite.TED Talks is a visual slideshow using memorization an ignite is a presentation which automate every 15 seconds. I was really torn which one to do, a TED Talk or an Ignite but at the end I decided I was going to do an ignite because i’m really experienced with ignite because I did it last year in fourth grade about Colonial America and we did a practice ignite before Capstone. Before I had to start my real slideshow I had to work on my script, my computer teacher told us how to set it up and this is how it looks:

Slide Time Script Image

It’s really helpful so when I’m finished I just have to put it in my slideshow. After we finish our script we have to memorize it and perform in front of our class. I was really nervous to perform in front of the class because i’m not memorized. I was up next ahh I did it and my teacher told me it was really good but I need to look at my essay and see if I could talk more about the pros and cons of social media for makeup artist. I changed it with some help by m teacher and senor option. Then I performed it again and everyone loved it, I was so happy!

Tomorrow on Tuesday, June 18 , I’m going to get my slideshow taped on camera I’m so excited and one friday, June 21 I will be performing in front of my parents, kids in my class and their parents.


Capstone 5- Main Inquiry Question Essay


The day I took off school for my interview and site visit my class went to the computer lab to talk about Capstone and when I came to school the next day my friend Hannah was screaming we have to do a four paragraph essay duo in two weeks about our Inquiry Question! I was so upset and scared because I haven’t researched my inquiry question and I don’t know what to write about. When we got into class I was so scared I would be behind but it turned out nobody started it besides a couple of people I was so relieved. In the afternoon it was time for capstone so I got right to work. I first had to do  research on my main inquiry question so I copied “How has social media revolutionized the makeup artist professionals” down and put it in the search box and it turned out there was so many choices I could be looking at so I can get the answer. I figured out that there is more of a positive impact then a negative impact on social media for makeup artist.

Next I was ready to write my essay yay! I was thinking I was going to do my first paragraph as a introduction, second what are the cons of social media for makeup artist, my third paragraph is the pros of social media for makeup artist and my last paragraph is going to be my conclusion so I wrote my essay like that. When I was done with my essay my teacher, Mrs.Edwards checked it and my blog posts she mad a lot of corrections and told me to add more examples and quotes I found some examples but not many quotes. When I was at my house after school I looked for examples and I got some, one of them was  “For example, James Charles taught people how to do eye shadow which is a look he calls smokey eye were he does all types of looks for a example he has a butterfly look that looks like this:.

Now that I got all my examples I had to check me essay with my teacher again, I couldn’t check my essay with Mrs. Edwards so I did it with my senor option named Sara. An senor option is the juniors have a sort of job were you can teach, work at a diner or anything you want to do.

This is my essay:

How has social media revolutionized the makeup artist professionals? I did research and interviewed Elena George, a makeup artist to the stars, to find the answer to this question. I figured out that social media impacted the makeup artist professionals in both good and bad ways. Before you read my essay do you think social media is good or bad for the beauty industry?


Social media has affected makeup artists in negative ways. Three negative ways that I will be discussing are: 1) Instead of posting to share, makeup artists are posting to get famous; 2) If you do something wrong it is public; 3) Others may criticize your work in a public forum.

It used to be that people posted things online, like on YouTube, to share their ideas so other people could benefit. Nowadays, a lot of people share their ideas to get famous, not share their love of makeup. The people who make the videos care less about their audience and more about their own fame.

A second way that social media has had a bad affect on the beauty industry is that if someone posts something that isn’t correct or proper, then people will see your mistake. This could ruin the reputation of the person who posted the video.  For an example, makeup artist James Charles had created his own scandal by endorsing the competitor of a makeup artist who had helped him. This wasn’t considered proper behavior and once everyone saw it he lost millions of followers. This shows that when you’re not on social media you can say things out loud, but when you have social media if you say or do something you will be in big trouble.

A third way that social media has had a bad affect on the beauty industry is that people could write negative comments to something someone posts and that also has a negative effect on the person who posted the video. For example, people might make fun of how you like to do makeup or they might make a mean comment. This shows that when you’re on social media you need to be very careful about what you post and what you say.


Social media also has a huge positive impact on makeup artist professions. Three advantages include: 1) It is a powerful way to show people how to apply makeup; 2) Makeup artists can make a lot of money through their channels; 3) The skills of regular people and beginning makeup artists are getting better because of the easy access to makeup tips.

One advantage is that it is a powerful way to show your work to people who want to learn more about makeup application. For example,  it’s an easy and great way for artists to show their work through videos and pictures such as showing their fans how a customer looks before and after.

This shows that social media can give many people great beauty application ideas. In addition to the makeup application tips, people watching the videos also get ideas about which products to buy.

This leads to the second way that social media has had a positive impact on makeup artists. The makeup artists can make a lot of money through their channels by talking about beauty products. The way they make money is if you have a lot of followers on a social media site like YouTube and Instagram you will get paid.

The third way that social media has positively impacted makeup artist professionals is that it allows them to reach and teach regular people and other beginning makeup artists. For example, James Charles taught people how to do eye shadow which is a look he calls smokey eye were he does all types of looks for a example he has a butterfly look that looks like this:.

In conclusion social media impacts negatively and positively on the beauty industry. I think there is more of a positive impact than a negative impact on makeup artist perfesionaly  also I feel you have to be very careful when you have social media and think before you speak. What do you think is social media good or bad for makeup artist think about it.


Capstone 4- Site visit

After I finished with my interview I had to do my site visit.  I did my site visit in the same place as my interview which is, Good Morning America so I don’t have to miss school for two days also because I don’t know any other place to go for my site visit. I had a tour guide show me around for my site visit.  The person who showed me around was the person I interviewed, Elena George. She showed me the makeup room, the actual set where they do the tv show, and the makeup room of Robin Roberts, Amy Robach and other celebrities on the show. We took videos and pictures of the places we were seeing for my site visit. We don’t have to take videos just pictures, but I took a video for fun.

I think it was a great idea to get a tour because I saw what life is like for a makeup artist and got an idea about their daily routines. Elena George even took a video of the actual tv show going on where another makeup artist was fixing the makeup for the two anchors, Michael and Sarah, in between the commercials. I think that it is really cool to have a job of a makeup artist doing famous people because you are the one that makes them look how they do on tv where everyone around the world sees them. Elena wanted me to get a good grade on my interview and site visit, but she also wanted me to have fun. For example, she would make a joke when we were reviewing the video of the makeup room.

When Elena, Claire, Hannah and I went to the makeup room I was so surprised to see how much makeup they have.  They had every brand of makeup I know and some I don’t know.

I learned a lot on my site visit. I realized that makeup artists for television shows have their makeup work visible everyday, on the faces of the people on the shows. That’s really cool.

It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Capstone #3- Interview


I was really excited for my interview. I am going to interview Elena George a Makeup Architect Appearance Coach at Good Morning America and that’s where my mom works. Elena does a lot of famous people like Michelle Obama, Robin Roberts, people on Broadway and some more people. One week before my interview, I prepared the following questions for Elena


  1. How old were you when you first started wearing makeup and how old were you when you first started applying makeup on other people?
  2. What made you want to become a makeup artist?
  3. What was the training involved in becoming a makeup artist?
  4. What are the benefits of having makeup videos online?
  5. What are the disadvantages of having makeup videos online?
  6. Who trained you to do makeup?
  7. How has the business changed since you first started?
  8. Is there anyone who applies makeup on social media that has inspired you and/or inspires you today?
  9. How has social media changed your life as a makeup artist?
  10. What are the steps for you to post a makeup tutorial on social media? (Do you have a team that reviews it or offers you feedback?)
  11. What social media do you use the most? Why?
  12. Who’s the most famous person you’ve applied makeup on? Please describe that experience.
  13. What are your goals for your future in makeup? What role will social media play?
  14. Who do you hope to do makeup for in the future? Why?
  15. What makes your makeup artistry unique?


My teacher helped my questions to be easier to understand and have better grammar. I thought that was very helpful.

My neighbor, Claire, who was chaperoning us, my friend, Hannah, and I got to Good Morning America by 8am and we had some breakfast. Elena had to go somewhere with Robin Roberts later so got there early to give us enough time. I brought my sheet with my interview questions and my reading notebook.  At first, we all just just chatted with Elena. We were taping the interview in Robin’s makeup room and Hannah was going to take the video. After we finished the video we looked at it. When we were looking at it we saw that Hannah had accidently moved the camera a lot so sometimes you saw our feet and the other times you saw our heads so we were going to do the interview again. I was happy because it was really fun to make it and ask her the questions. The second time we did the interview Claire taped it and it was perfect.

It was really helpful to do my interview because I learned a lot and I could use the information I got for my sub questions. One thing I learned from Elena was that a benefit to posting makeup tutorial online is that people from around the world could view her work. I had never really thought about that benefit before.

When we were done with the interview Elena took Hannah, Claire and me to look at the set where they tape the show. During the commercials Elena and the other makeup artists fixed the makeup for people on the show even the men! That was cool!


Capstone #2- Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

My teacher, Mrs. Edwards, assigned us to have our inquiry question due by Tuesday, May 7th. An main inquiry is a question that your sub questions will answer. My inquiry question is going to be, “How has social media revolutionized the job of a makeup artist?” My dad helped me figure out my inquiry question out of five options. My options were:


  • What is business life like for makeup artist?
  • How do makeup artist who have video’s online and makeup artist who don’t have video’s online compare?
  • How has the work of the makeup artist changed over the years?
  • What are the pros and cons of makeup artist who have youtube videos?
  • How has social media revolutionized being a makeup artist?”


When i came to school the next day I showed Mrs. Edwards my Inquiry questions and she told me that it was a good decision to do the inquiry question I picked, but maybe we can rephrase it better. When I got back to my table I was totally stuck because I don’t really know a good way to rephrase it so I asked Mrs. Edwards what she thinks I should rephrase it to? She said maybe I could change it to “How has social media revolutionized the beauty industry?” I really liked her suggestion because it is broader than the first one I had, which will allow me to do more research.

Then, after I finished my inquiry questions I had to come up with sub questions. Sub questions are the questions you need to answer in order to answer your inquiry question. My sub questions are:


  1. What are the pros associated with makeup artists using social media?
  2. What are the cons associated with makeup artists using social media?
  3. What’s the process involved with a makeup artist posting tutorials on social media?
  4. Who are the top three makeup artists using social media today?

What differentiates each?

  1. What social media sites do makeup artists use the most? What are the advantages of each?


Capstone #1- Choosing a Topic

“Oh, no. Capstone is starting!” This was my reaction when my teacher told my class that we are doing Capstone for the rest of the year. The first thing we are going to do is choose our topic. I was absolutely stuck because I don’t know what I am doing for my topic. At first, I thought I might choose “soccer,” but I know a lot about soccer so I wouldn’t learn as much and it wouldn’t be as fun. Then my teacher gave us a sheet and it really helped me to know what I am going to do. I decided that my top two choices are going to be “makeup artist” or “YouTube” because I don’t know a lot about them and I’d like to learn more on either subject. At the end, I chose “makeup” for my topic because I am really interested in that topic. A possible main inquiry question on my topic so far is: “How does social media affect being a makeup artist?”

I am really excited for this Capstone project. I think it will be really fun and I’ll learn a lot about “makeup artists.”  

Immigration Interview #5- Final Reflection

Finally we were done with our project we did our interview questions, spark organizer, trying to figure out our person, our interview and last but not least the blog post. I really enjoyed this unit and hopefully in middle school we get to do something that is similar than the Immigration project. It was really cool to know so much about my grandmother when she was in her childhood and her mid 20’s. Even though the project is over i’m still going to ask my grandmother questions about the World War 2 and her immigration story. It was really cool to see some of the spark video’s they were all really good.


My favorite part about the immigration project was the spark video and the interview because the interview I learned a lot of stuff I don’t know about my grandmother and I liked the Spark video because it was fun to do something different besides drive.


Immigration Interview #4- Immigration Spark Video Organizer


We went computer a couple days after we went to computer lab for the practice one on rube goldberg video this time we were working on our “Immigration spark organizer.” Basically a “immigration Spark Organizer” is to help us prepare for your real video I did min on a google doc I didn’t do one for the rube goldberg because it was practice but im using it for my immigration video cause it is my real one. I am doing the organizer first so when I do the real spark video I can go right through it and not get stuck some people though do it at the same time so would do the slide first and then do the organizer.


Personally I don’t like the way you do it at the same time because it takes longer and you might get stuck which would lose time. The organizer has 4 columns the first one is your slide number, your second is Script/ Narration, your third is Slide Text and the last one is Slide Image. This is really helpful so you are planed.

Immigration interview #3- Interview

We have to do our actual interview by this friday but I did on wednesday because I am only free on wednesday’s because I have soccer. My grandma lives 45 minutes away, she lives in connecticut so I did my homework in the car so when I get home I wouldn’t do my homework at 10:00 o’clock and be tired doing it. When I got to my grandma’s house we eat dinner because it was 6:00 and I was starving after that my Grandma, my mom and I got to work. My mom was video taking it and I was asking my grandma questions. We had to video tape it a couple of times because one time my mom hit the stop button the other time I forgot words which was so annoying.


Finally we got everything in the video. I was confused because I didn’t  know if I could say to my grandma when she was crying to hug her or say don’t worry I ended up not to but did it at the end.


Immigration Interview #2- Adobe Spark


We were assigned to make a slideshow for our immigration project. We didn’t know were we should make the slideshow so we went to our computer lab. He told us we are going to do it on a website called adobe spark I have never heard of it before and I was confused why we are doing on adobe smart and not just google drive because we been using it for a long time and we know basically everything. When our computer teacher taught us the basics of the website and after he showed us a example it was our turn. We couldn’t do it on our immigration project because all we did was our interview questions and we couldn’t do it on rocketry because it was to long ago.


Our computer teacher decided we should do on rube goldberg because we just had it and already finished it. I got after I did my example rube goldberg because adobe spark has some cool effects that they don’t have in the google doc. I personally like adobe spark because you can do a lot of things for a example you can have a split screen one side with text and other the picture which is really cool.