Post #9- Flashlight part 2

In our flashlight unit I am really behind everyone in the unit so I decided to go to extra help in the morning, that is really convenient because my bus comes in 30 mins early, so i just stepped on by. When I got there I was rushing, I got a piece of paper with my design of what I want my flashlight to be like. I asked my teacher to help me, it turns out I have to get my wires and cut them, that was pretty easy, i did it in 5 mins. Next I have to put a hole in my flashlight so the lightbulb could go through and I had to put another hole on the side so my switch to turn on the light. I had to redo my hole for my lightbulb because it was un even. 

Now it was time to solder it so I got my wires and put hucks on them so i could connect them and then I started. I put the red wire around one end of the battery switch then a black one on the other side. After all of that it was time to go, I felt a lot better than I did before, I was happy


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