Post #10- Flashlight part 3


When I go to tech class I feel a lot more confident than I did in the beginning of the unit, I am also happy because it’s my turn for soldering and I’m so close to finishing my flashlight. I started my soldering when i went for extra help so I just had to finish it off, I had to put my other red wire on and my lightbulb, finished soldering, now it’s time for decorating my flashlight. I’m gonna be making a blue and pink pattern with hearts and gels. Now I had to just had to put my wires in my flashlight, that only took like 20 MINUTES but I gotta finish my flashlight, yay.


Post #9- Flashlight part 2

In our flashlight unit I am really behind everyone in the unit so I decided to go to extra help in the morning, that is really convenient because my bus comes in 30 mins early, so i just stepped on by. When I got there I was rushing, I got a piece of paper with my design of what I want my flashlight to be like. I asked my teacher to help me, it turns out I have to get my wires and cut them, that was pretty easy, i did it in 5 mins. Next I have to put a hole in my flashlight so the lightbulb could go through and I had to put another hole on the side so my switch to turn on the light. I had to redo my hole for my lightbulb because it was un even. 

Now it was time to solder it so I got my wires and put hucks on them so i could connect them and then I started. I put the red wire around one end of the battery switch then a black one on the other side. After all of that it was time to go, I felt a lot better than I did before, I was happy


Post #8- Flashlight part 1

In tech class I see on the board to just take a seat at your spot and were gonna watch a video! I’m so happy because we don’t have to do work, after a couple of minutes the substitute tells us we are watching a video on the kids who got stuck in a cave from a really bad storm. While we were watching I found it very interesting that kids survived during this terrible event. The next day I go to tech and realize we watched the video because we are going to be building a flashlight

Post # 7- 3rd Battery Switch

After recess I ran really fast to tech and grab my iPad. When I get to class I don’t even look at the board, I just got a cardboard piece and cut it into a big square. I wanted my last one to look a lot different from my first one, so I got a lot of popsicle sticks and stacked them on eachother with hot glue. After that I got two more, I put one standing up and the other one dangling off of it. Now I just had to finish it with putting on tinfoil on the popsicle sticks glued together and the one dangling off the popsicle sticks. When I was finished I was surprised because I only finished it in TEN seconds, now itś time for my next project.

Post #6- 2nd BatterySwitch

When I walk into tech class I’m really happy because I finished the work we were working on, so I can work on our next unit. While I’m doing the next unit I notice that there is still some people working on their battery switches, I’m really confused because I thought it was due today so I go over and ask them. I walked over and said “why are you still working on your battery switches”, after I asked this they looked really confused and then they said you did all three of them. NOOOOO is all I was thinking, I only thought we had to do one, I was so upset. I wonder when it is due so I asked them, they said this Friday, gosh I only have two days. No more talking I have two days, I have to start.

    I went back to my table and asked someone “can you give me ideas to do for my battery switch.” When I asked this question I knew what I was gonna do. I get a cardboard and cut two squares and rapped tinfoil around it. Tomorrow I have to finish my third one. 

Passion Project #1-Baking a Cake

In science class we are doing passion projects, basically you have to choose a passion you desire for and you do a project on it. For passion projects I was gonna do soccer because I love it but I thought that would be to hard, I decided to do baking a cake. I love to bake cakes and I’m really good at making them and I make them a pretty decent amount of times.

Post #5- Battery Switch #1

When I walk to tech class I’m pretty positive were gonna do an experiment because we are doing those a lot lately, of course I was right. I walk into the class and I see on the board it says to go to we go there a lot, it’s where you go when were doing a new experiment. After my teacher waits a few minutes for everyone to come in, he switches on to the next slide. It’s nothing but a few moments later he says to come to a table, while everyone goes to the table I’m curious what he is gonna talk about.  The experiment were doing is on, battery switches where we have to make a design and see if it works when we check it on on the battery switches and if it works a green lights up. After he explained everything he showed us examples, after he showed us the examples I knew exactly what I was doing. I am making a swing where the tinfoil will be rapped around the swing that’s hanging from the top and put tinfoil at the bottom.

    It’s time to start first I had to grab tinfoil, my safety goggles and cut out a circle on the machine. When I first tried I was so scared because it was really fast and sharp, after I finished (which took a long time) it didn’t look good because some of it was ripped, so I had to start again. This time I tried to be extra careful, and it worked, it looked so good! Now I had to grab the supplies I needed tinfoil, rubber band to hold my swing, popsicle sticks so I can hang my swing on something and tape to make sure the tinfoil was on. First I had to tinfoil at the bottom so I could have another tinfoil to make it worked. Now it was time for the hot glue gun, I grabbed my two popsical sticks, two rubber bands and my circle with the tinfoil rapped around it. First I put the triangle cardboard so my two popsicle sticks would stand up and they did! First thing success, now I need to get another popsicle sticks and rap the rubber band around it. I glued the popsicle stick to the two popsicle sticks. After that I put the tinfoil on the popsicle stick so it would work, now I just had to put the circle in. Done, oh no I forgot to test it I thought to myself but class was over. The next day I run to get my design and test it, when I try to test it wouldn’t work because I needed more rubber bands so I could push it down to the other tinfoil. I get two more rubber bands and it works I push it down and the green light lit up yay!