What I am doing at home while I stay home (corona virus)

Me and my sister Dani sometimes ride bikes and go for a walk around the bloc I also played with my dog Cafe outside while my sister was one the trampoline. On Friday we made meatloaf with are dad it was really fun!! Everyday after I  finish my work that I needed to, Dani and I go running through the kitchen and then go straight to my moms room and then… after a feel jumps in her bed (don’t tell her that (; )  we put the movie that we have been watching and that is really fun , called FLASH and we watch until the rest of the day. After two days, on Thursday some guys are coming to break are hole entire basement floor and part of the wall, because my parents want to put a wooden floor instead of having a carpet. Oh yeah and sometimes me my mom, my dad, my sister and my dog watch an exciting movie all together at night!

Blue whale 🐳

Did you know that the blue whale is the biggest animal that has ever lived. Her size is 80 feet long and she weights 120 tons. When a baby whale is born it is born with 23ft long and it weights 5,000 pounds!!! The blue whale is the loudest animal on earth. You can her from miles away! The blue whale eats tiny shrimps called krill the whale eats 40 million of them a day.The blue whales live in the surface of all oceans. Her scientific name is balaenoptera musculus. She has blue gray skin and she has light spots on her back and on her side. The blue whales are endangered because of over fishing.

Student Rights

Before I watched the brain pop video about student rights I had this question: Can a principal check your locker for drugs or guns? First I thought no, because the principal can’t invade your privacy. As I was watching the video I noticed that the principal has the right to check your locker, because it is not actually yours it is the schools property. Can you skip the pledge and not singed? Yes you can, because when you don’t feel like singing or talking you don’t need to do thous things cause it is your voice! But just because it is your voice it dos not mean that you can talk during class. Students don’t have as many rights like adults do. For example does somebody tell your dad what time does he have to go to sleep? No! But does some somebody tell you what time you have to sleep? Yes your parents do! They tell you when you have to do your homework , take a shower and even some people have limited time to watch TV or limited time to play! But why do adults have more rights? They have more rights because they are already grown up and it’s there life that they are living so they get to chose what they get to do. But we kids are still learning and we need guidance.