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Making a Dominos

Me and Jessica were playing the block challenges and then I just had the best idea. it was to do a dominos around the classroom , but in our first attempt didn’t work now we are in our second attempt please wish us good luck

My Friends Name

I made my friends name with wires and a little bit of  warmth. the first step was to cut and shape them then put them together with solder. I am so excited to give it to her and by the way her name is ESTELA.

Mother Day Present

When it was mothers day I made her. It looked very cool and I liked a lot. My mom liked a lot she asked where and how I did. I explained  to her that I cut the wires and solder them together she liked a lot


Making diagrams are very useful,but they can also be very tricky because if they are not correct your project ill be incorrect. To make a diagram you must at all circumstances use a ruler and a pencil because if not the use of the ruler there is no measurement and no measurements incorrect project .

Learning to solder.

We learned how to glue stuff together by soldering it was a very fun experiment. These are the steps to solder. You cut and build the thing you wanna glue together. Then you hold the hot thing for 15 seconds and after you add the solder in the beginning(the hot part) and the solder will melt and clue you two pieces together.


We learned how to make lights go on with a breadboard, battery, jumper cable, and the light. We learned about the legs of the light, the Anode is the long leg the positive leg, and the cathode is the shorter and negative leg

Tinfoil switch

We made switch and tested them to see if they worked. Some of the old one were almost broken and we fixed. It was really fun.


We learned that when you turn the switch of your house on the lights go on, but sometime it the wires and battery are not in the correct place there could be a short circuit and the lamp will go on fire so sometimes houses burn because this little thing. It was really fun learning about this topic I am really exited for the next topic

Light circuit

Today we created light circuits with battery, lamp, wires and something that I have absolutely no idea what it is called. It was hard at first to understand the process to make it work. When  you think in a different way like an engineer it turns  it to a logical explanation and you can understand how electricity passes through does wires.

The Breakout!!

We separated in smaller groups. We had to unlock three different types of lock, one was a directional lock, word lock, and a number  lock. My group had trouble opening the locks because we didn’t listen to each other’s idea. The other group were really good, but they didn’t listen to each other’s idea. But although it was so fun trying to open the lock that was so obvious.