Final Blog Post

Final Plant Blog Post


This is our final blog post! The sad part is both of our plants are dead so we had to chuck it in the garbage can.


Our controlled that it used to be the colors for it was green, brown, yellow and White. Our highest is 12 cm and the smallest is 4 cm. The texture of is smooth and bubby on the leafs. In our controlled there are 3 seed pods. I thought that there would be 2 seeds because of the growth. I thought they would look not big not small but media.


Our manipulated is dead and we learned a lesson sugar water doesn’t work. Our colors for our manipulated purple, light green, green and yellow. Our high is 7 in a half and the smallest is 3 cm. It was very smooth. It had 5 seed pods. I thought it would have 3 seeds because of the color and height.


   Pollination is when one flowers pollen touches another flowers pollen it creates a seed. I manipulated my water for one of my plants instead of really water we used sugar water and it didn’t work. A stems job is to bring the water from the roots to the leafs.

Plant blog Post day 2

Plant Blog Post Day 2


My group and I are doing plants. We are looking at the sizes, colors, measurement all that stuff. We have two plants one is the controlled and that is the one that has soil, air, sunlight and water. But we also have a manipulated one that is has soil, air, sunlight, but instead of real water we used sugar water! For our controlled we are looking at observations like the colors are green, yellow and purple and some brown. The highest is 8 in a half cm and the smallest is 3cm. Our plants are dying and it is making less leaves less flowers change of color like I said brown where the leaves are supposed be. Since the start I think the growth is getting better then the first day.


Our manipulated is also dying. Our colors are purple dark green green brown from the dying. Our measurement for the big one is 7cm and for our small one it is 2cm. I think the growth is very different because the smallest right now is what it was on the third day. So it grows pretty fast.


I think the leaves are dying because we are adding to much water for both of them and it is to munch for it to absorb.

These are our plants.


Plant Blog day 1

Plant Blog Post day 1

My partners and I are doing plant observation and our experiment is sugar water and we are seeing if the color changes or my partners think it will grow higher than normal water I agree our control has air, soil, fertilizer, seeds, water and light. My manipulated is that we are using sugar water in stand of normal water.


The controlled has very light colors like light green light purple and normal green. And the highest is 6 cm and the lass is 2 in a half cm. And it is very smooth. Our manipulated has flowers and I think it is better than our controlled isn’t that crazy! Our height for our manipulated is 6 cm and the smallest is 2 in a half cm. our colors are yellow for the flowers green for the leaves and a little purple down at the stem. I think that look and growth will change the manipulated. and controlled it is direction to the light cause it is moving toward the sunlight out the window.

maglev Day 2

Maglev Day 2


My group used 2 small strips magnets for the train. For the track we used 2 on the side and then we put 6 more on the top to increase the magnetic field so the train will levitate. We had to make the train and the track were north and north or south and south they will repel and that is what the train and the track. At first it was tipping over put then we added more increases to the track magnetic field.


our car failed at first because it was not moving but levitating. The car wasn’t moving and it would just fall when you give it a push. We failed a lot and we keep on trying new things.


I learned how hard and frustrating to design and you are getting mad that your idea on the paper isn’t working. It is hard to work with a partner because you fight a lot.


Maglev day 1

A maglev train needs to repel so it will levitate. We worked with Chloe’s idea that was used the strips for the track and for the car we used ring magnets. It didn’t work.The train was not even and we put to munch tape. The experience of this group was good we. Worked together nicely and we didn’t fight. Chloe had amazing ideas.




I wrote this poem and it is called Heart.  I got this poem from my mom because she was smart but shy. Also the thing about poems about hearts for me is it just hits my heart and I know what I going to write and it is just planned in my mind. I really enjoy writing about hearts.

Technology is…

Technology isn’t just computer or phone technology is anything that helps you like a basket or shoes.  Technology

is also what a person makes.

My object is technology because it helps people stick paper to walls.

My object helps people by sticking words or paper to walls.

My object made life better by helping to stick stuff to walls.

My object improved paper because you can’t stick it to walls and you can stick words on with sticky notes.



This is technology it helps you

The end






Expert Book – Cheerleading

My topic is about Cheerleading. I chose this topic because I know a lot about it and I have been in lots of competitions.

First, I had to get my topic. Then I had to put my chapters in most important to least important. Then, the writing part. We also had lots of lessons with our teacher. We did our introduction at the end. I liked when we were putting in our nonfiction text features. I liked how I did my labels for my bases and Backspot, it looked cool.

I think that the most challenging part was the pictures because it was hard to find and a lot of stuff was trash.

I hope when you are done reading this book you will be an expert on Cheerleading!!!


Plant Personification

I grow in the Heathcote Garden

A great green stem, the roots are down to the ground

I am a mexican sunflower


A sunshine in the sky so bright I lose my sight

A beautiful breeze in the sky

I am a mexican sunflower


So beautiful lilies next to me and so pretty purple aster

I am a mexican sunflower


Butterflies flying high bees are buzzing

I grow a bit small not to tall

A large stem almost to the sky

I am a mexican sunflower