Capstone blog post 3

Capstone blog post 3 

It’s time to write the script and film your project

The script process went a little fast but I felt good about the script from day one and as soon as Mrs. Cooper saw she thought the same as I did.

As soon as we finished our script it was time to create your slides and start practicing and that’s when the butterflies came. I chose ted talk because I feel like it would be better if people would see me.


I felt so pressured that I had to get this done then that and it as very hard for me to keep it together especially now that we don’t have a lot of alone time with our teacher felt like I was left alone and I thought I wouldn’t finish


  But I pulled through and started to practice and practice till it was right and that’s when the stress and frustration came in because it would take me some many to get it right and I practiced so hard and I had to keep doing it again.


But at the end, I pulled it off and all the emotions that were in me before and then I finished just went away and it felt so good to be finished then I put it in the folder and it was ready to get put in.


Capstone blog post 2

Blog post 2


It’s time for interviews

It was very easy for me to find a person to interview because as you know I am a baker so I go to this person a lot for baking classes and she owns a very successful bakery in Harrison NY, Her name is Nora.

I emailed her through my mom’s Facebook account and she was up for it.


She helped me answer One of my sub-questions, That was How has technology helped baking and changed it throughout time. And since she owns a bakery she works with a lot of tools that use technology. 


Here are the questions I asked her

  1. What got you into baking
  2. What kinda tools have changed from then and now
  3. How the design that people use on cakes on cupcakes and all sweet treats changed throughout time
  4. Have any of the techniques you used and use now changed
  5. Have you noticed any technology used changed for baking
  6. What are some ingredients that used now used that you thought you were never gonna use
  7. What somethings you love to bake 
  8. Why did you choose baking as your job
  9. Do you think cooking and baking are similar
  10. What is one thing you don’t like about baking 


I thought my questions were good but once I got into the interview I had some others I wanted to ask some other questions about my topic but I didn’t do it.

 and also thought about how when I was about to say the question sometimes they didn’t seem so reasonable so I would try to think of something on the spot.


In the end, One thing that was so interesting that she said in the interview was that when she would cook with her grandma they wouldn’t use tools they would use there hands and she uses that in her bakery as well. Nora helped me so much and I have a great feeling that I will rock capstone!

Capstone Blog post 1

Blog post 1


In my class, we are doing Capstone!

My topic is balking and The reason I choose it because I always had a passion. I always find fun and amazing to express yourself and you can be creative. I’ve been baking for a long time, I can bake cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and much more. I really love baking


Well as you know I have to do this project virtually and for me, it has been very hard to understand if I can do this or if I did this right but now I think I kinda got used to it. One thing that was pretty stressful for me was the sub-questions because it was hard to think of questions that you had to research for not just a fact. For instance, when I had three out of five sub-questions I had no idea what I was going to do and I was really frustrated and not happy.


Well, now I know that everything’s gonna be okay and I’m excited to see how capstone goes because this is just a beginning.


Ignite presentation Reflection

We did a Ignite for American Revolution unit, we did in front of parents our parents. One of the things I thought I did well was I din’t mess on my words I was clean well thats what my mom told me. One of the thing I don’t think I did well was in the begining I would talk a good pase than in the middle I go super fast than I would go slow again that really messed my slides.

King George, What was his Problem

We are reading a book about the American Revolution. We are in the middle of the book. It talks about some of the most important people and important events.


One thing I am thinking is the French were only being nice to Ben Franklin when they didn’t even like each other.


Why is French spies spying on Ben Franklin if they were being so nice to him?

Colony Poster Reflection

We are building colonies. We had to make posters for our colonies. One thing I learned for the posters is it can’t be rainbow ans unicorn. It would be better if you did black and white  as your color for the picture but blue is good to. Building our colonies it was on cardboard and I am telling you it is so hard. One thing I learned about building is how hard it is to build a strocture. I thought it would be easy.


My poster gose with my colony because in the old days they need good education so they can have a good job an survive