Is There a Fire?

Is there a fire in Heathcote school right in front circle? But the good news is that there wasn’t but also it wasn’t a drill this is how it all started. All of Heathcote was coming in waiting for the bell to ring and … boom the fire alarm went off every kid was scared because there has never been at that school a fire alarm before the bell rings. The music teacher brought outside all the kids. Then one of the kid said ” Its Friday the thirty.” Then everyone got more scared and then the police and a fire truck came and that’s when every one was horrified. But luckily it was a just a drill and someone must of pulled the fire hydrant. But the good thing is that everyone is okay.




I wrote this poem and it is called Heart.  I got this poem from my mom because she was smart but shy. Also the thing about poems about hearts for me is it just hits my heart and I know what I going to write and it is just planned in my mind. I really enjoy writing about hearts.

Expert Book – Cheerleading

My topic is about Cheerleading. I chose this topic because I know a lot about it and I have been in lots of competitions.

First, I had to get my topic. Then I had to put my chapters in most important to least important. Then, the writing part. We also had lots of lessons with our teacher. We did our introduction at the end. I liked when we were putting in our nonfiction text features. I liked how I did my labels for my bases and Backspot, it looked cool.

I think that the most challenging part was the pictures because it was hard to find and a lot of stuff was trash.

I hope when you are done reading this book you will be an expert on Cheerleading!!!


Plant Personification

I grow in the Heathcote Garden

A great green stem, the roots are down to the ground

I am a mexican sunflower


A sunshine in the sky so bright I lose my sight

A beautiful breeze in the sky

I am a mexican sunflower


So beautiful lilies next to me and so pretty purple aster

I am a mexican sunflower


Butterflies flying high bees are buzzing

I grow a bit small not to tall

A large stem almost to the sky

I am a mexican sunflower