Food Fight Madness

Food Fight Madness

By: Greta

Imagine walking into a cafeteria filled with chatter except this one table giving dirty looks well carrots are getting through in the air. This all happened at Heathcote School in mid-October. Only a few kids, 5th graders, were involved. According to Rachel Barr, this all happened because ā€œ Some girl stole the other girlā€™s seat so the other girl decided to leave the table so then the boys started to follow her.ā€ As a result, the teachers stopped it and it will now always stay in the past

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – 2

This Read Aloud Reflection is 2 in the Series of Posts about Wonder


We were reading Wonder and they are talking about precept it means something important. A precept in my life is my when someone brings you down get up.

I think that he will start being less invisbells more being right and smart and I think Summer will be his friend for the rest of the book.