If you hate your sibling from the tip of their head to the bottom of their toes than you will HATE this essay! If you love that kind of stuff let’s read! Me and my brother have a special relationship! He is sometimes like the greatest  present in the whole world! Other times it’s like holding a bag of poop! Yuck! My brother is older and has gone through all the things I’ve gone through! So that helps, but he’s a little less sensitive than me. Me and my brother are not close in age. Well at least it seems that way! Sometimes he makes me feel like I want to go invisible ‘cause he knows how to divide fractions and I don’t. Other times it’s like walking on the rainbow.

Me and my  brother have a special relationship because we can always tell  each others feelings. Also he can makes me laugh and never forgets to turn my frown upside down! But mostly because he forgives me and trust me there is a lot I have done wrong!


I can always tell my brother’s feelings. It’s not that hard. He makes a different face for every emotion, and I’ve spent years cracking them. An example would be when he’s mad he makes  a face like the annoyed emoji! He also can tell mine. Once we were in the car driving to hebrew school. Then I looked out the window and guess what he asked “what’s wrong” . At first I thought he was trying to be nosy so  I said “wouldn’t you like to know” then he said “yes,yes I would” (he got me there)I told him and actually felt like a huge weight had just lifted off my chest. One of the reasons me and my brother get along is because I’m close to him and we talk a lot?. Well, at least I talk to him.Another story where my brother cheered me up is When I got home from school I was angry. I went to my room and my babysitter followed me and handed me the phone. Ding Dong! My babysitter rushed downstairs to get to the door to open it for my brother. My brother was writing with his pencil when he walked upstairs and I was still talking on the phone,”okay, bye Mom-” I paused click the door knob turned it opened and it was my brother. He cheered me up because he talked to me, he cheered me up because he hugged me , he cheered me  up because he said he loves me!. In the end we know what each other are feeling and are always ready to cheer each other up!


I know that my brother is the best brother in the world cause he can always make me laugh! He knows that I am special to him  and that he is special to me, but it’s never not the time to joke about it! My brother is the funniest person in the world to me. He doesn’t think that his jokes are funny ,but I laugh so much that sometimes I pee! He also thinks my jokes are funny! On occasion he even says “GINNY, *clears throat* if the joke doesn’t make sense then it’s not a joke!”. Usually I tell him dad jokes so that’s probably why he doesn’t get it!  I think that my brother knows how to turn my frown upside down because he probably knows what I’m going through! I also have some evidence for that I know that he knows what I’m going through and not what he’s going through because trust me when he’s sad there is no turning that frown upside down unless you get him a new smile and he would still be frowning underneath it . Once my brother was having some hard times at school I helped him by telling him a joke “hey, you know if you tell the bully that their amazing you could be best friends” I playfully whispered while holding in my giggles Then the whisper got louder “ you know” ,Then it was more of a laugh “ yeah I think he knows” I announced pretending to be a talk show host. My brother was mad because I think steam was coming out of his ears I think my brother was mad because his cheeks were red I think my brother was mad because he stood up slowly and I blurted out “It’s just a joke!” I laughed nervously. That was the last time I  ever told a joke like that! . I know that me and my brother know how to make each other happy and most of the time it’s with a joke or just simple words like I love you!


My final reason why me and my brother have a special relationship is he forgives. My brother forgives me and we all know just forgiving me once is enough. He thinks that I’m a handful and I have to admit I think that too! I have many stories of me just taking all the things he has and then he forgives me but there’s a few big ones that I still  think he is mad about them! “But what if he finds out?” Ella, my friend, trembled. “It will be fine” I nervously laughed. We were using my brothers school computer in a game! I wasn’t sure about it but we wouldn’t mess it up or open it, the computer would just be right there. What I didn’t know was that when you have a sibling there is always trouble! The next day it felt normal, until he asked for his computer. I went into the bathroom until my parents found me and  asked accusingly “ Did you take the computer and the music?”. “No” I horribly lied. Sooner or later they found out. That’s not the end of it though that day when I got home from school my brother gave me a look that I still can’t get out of my system!


Me and my brother have a special relationship because he can cheer me up, me and my brother have a special relationship because he can make me laugh, me and my brother have a special relationship because he forgives. If this wasn’t what me and my brother would do we wouldn’t have the special relationship we have now. I know that  what I have with my brother is special because we are not perfect but usually we get along great!

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