“A Dogs Way Home” Canine star fascinating journey from land fill to Hollywood

Source: Dogo news

Article date: March 5,2019

News type:National

Shelby who played Bella in recent movie dogs way home has all the traits to be a Hollywood star! However this canine did not always seem to be destined for this job. Two years ago Shelby was a stray on the streets. But in April 2017 Megan Buhler, an animal control officer, noticed the pooch out from the landfill and took her to the Cheatham County Animal Shelter. When Shelby got there she dropped the adorable pooch off and the shelter  staff nicknamed her baby girl. Then they posted a picture of her on their website. As luck would have it the makers of A Dogs Way Home were in search of a dog just like baby girl! The movie, adapted from the book by W. Bruce Cameron, aims to raise awareness of the plight of shelter dogs, specifically pit bulls. Both Cameron and his wife Cathryn Michon, who co-wrote the movie script, were wanting to cast a rescue dog in the starring role. To find the role of Bella, Debbie Pearl, whose company Paws for Effect prepares shelter dogs for films, asked freelance dog trainer Teresa Ann Miller to conduct a nationwide search. When Miller saw Baby Girl’s photo on the shelter’s website, she was interested.  The gave  baby girl a test and she passed with flying colors! They renamed her Shelby and it only took 3 months to train her. Now Shelby is a Hollywood star! 

Personal Response : I choose this article cause I thought that it was great that they rescued a dog and then made her a big star  I hope that this article inspires people to rescue more dogs!