Cape Cod

On one summer day I was so excited because it was my first time going to Cape cod. We went to rent a car it was so big, but one hour wasted! I whined to get in the car. We brought chips, cookies and crackers, the car was stuffed.

We went to places after places. My dad was exhausted! We stopped in the middle of nowhere. My mom and my dad switch seats. My dad fell asleep and it was so quiet in the car I was impressed of how quiet it was.

My sister and I were playing with the computer. I was so sleepy so I fell asleep.

My sister called me up when we arrived at the hotel. My sister and I were dashing down the hall, I thought I was flying.We reached our cabin in Cape cod. It took so long for for me and my family to reach our room. We unpacked our lugagges and jumped on to the bed and we fell asleep.