Plant Blog #1


We started our plant unit and got materials to begin.  First, we put dirt in each cell. Then we put 3 fertilizer pellets, and then put 2 seeds in each cell.  One quad is controlled and the other is manipulated. My scientific question is what is the effect of natural sunlight on plant growth? My hypothesis is if I put the plant in front of the windowsill then our plant will still grow because they would have the brightest light in the whole world. The controlled plant has the lamp light on all day, same soil, 3 fertilizer pellets, and 2 seeds in each cell. Also, we water the plants everyday with 5 drops.  Four manipulated quad we have everything the same as the controlled except we moved our plant on windowsill to receive natural sunlight.


This is my group working together.

In the first week, our controlled plants grew about 1.5- 7 cm in height.  Our manipulated plants range from 3- 9.5 cm in height. Both groups of plants are green and the leaves are growing.  Some plants have 2- 7 leaves on each plant. The leaves were all green but some leaves in the manipulated group were falling off.