Plant Post #4

We pollinated our flowers and the seed pods got bigger and bigger.  A seed pod is a coat for the seed. The coat protects the seed. The other day we picked off the seed pods and started drying them.  After we were done drying the seed pods, we opened the seed pods and we found seeds. This is important because flowers won’t die out because it if didn’t have seeds it wouldn’t grow new ones. This is the life cycle of a flower.  


Plant Blog #1


We started our plant unit and got materials to begin.  First, we put dirt in each cell. Then we put 3 fertilizer pellets, and then put 2 seeds in each cell.  One quad is controlled and the other is manipulated. My scientific question is what is the effect of natural sunlight on plant growth? My hypothesis is if I put the plant in front of the windowsill then our plant will still grow because they would have the brightest light in the whole world. The controlled plant has the lamp light on all day, same soil, 3 fertilizer pellets, and 2 seeds in each cell. Also, we water the plants everyday with 5 drops.  Four manipulated quad we have everything the same as the controlled except we moved our plant on windowsill to receive natural sunlight.


This is my group working together.

In the first week, our controlled plants grew about 1.5- 7 cm in height.  Our manipulated plants range from 3- 9.5 cm in height. Both groups of plants are green and the leaves are growing.  Some plants have 2- 7 leaves on each plant. The leaves were all green but some leaves in the manipulated group were falling off.  

maglev train day 3

Our first design was to put one magnet on the vehicle and then for the track. We put four magnets on the track so it could float but it failed. We put four strip magnets on the track.  One disc magnet for the train.

Our group had to see how to make the train float because one side of the train got stuck and one side of the other was floating.

Our final design worked because we made it with two strip magnets for the train and four magnets on each side of the track. I felt excited to do the maglev train.

Technology is…

Technology is something that solves a problem. For example, like a broom or a vacuum, this is technology.

Technology is also some thing that humans make like a windmill or a spaceship .

My object that I observed in class was a paperclip. It solved the problem of paper, it clips paper together. Technology makes life easier.


Maglev blog post #2

Maglev blog post #2


Today was day 2 to create our Maglev train. One side of the train got stuck because it got attracted to the bottom of the magnet so it could not move. We used strip magnets so it was like a real train track and then we put disk magnets on the train because it is stronger and will go higher. We put the disk magnet in line with the strip magnets. Today our vehicle did not go across the track.


We failed and the magnet  attracted to the bottom to the magnet. We learned that we need to make sure that continues to repel and not flip. We changed the side of the magnet so one side of the train will not stick to the track.


For the next time we will make the train float and move smoothly across the tracks.