Martin Luther King Jr.

Has the promise of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech been realized? I definitely say yes to that question because if you think about it now there is not too much segregation at all.

Back in the 1960’s there were colored bathrooms, there was colored water fountains, and even colored schools. Now there are no colored bathrooms, there are no colored water fountains, and no colored schools. Most people don’t even realize that there are different colored people even right next to them. All they most likely think is that there is a regular normal person right next to me. And the people who still don’t agree with what Martin Luther King Jr. said on 1963 will maybe eventually be made fun of, of how they think that there is another person next to them who has “cooties”. Then the other person must feel horrible about how the way they look and how that other person feels uncomfortable being next to them.

I think his speech has also been really thought about when white police officers are shooting black people for doing the wrong thing and when whites are doing the same thing and they are only just put in jail instead of being shot. More people think about how police officers are supposed to be protecting all people black and white and they are not.

His speech is really being recognized in schools on how to respect other people if they different in anyway or even holding your pencil in a different way that we all are still people.

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  1. Hi Grant, I really like your blog post because you explained your opinion on if you think Dr. KIng’s speech was realized or not. You also gave a lot of examples like how there were colored bathrooms and now, there are no colored bathrooms. I also like how you said that Dr. King’s speech has been thought about and how you gave reasons after. There are a few mistakes but that’s okay. Nice post though!

  2. Hello. I think that you should check over your work and change the little mistakes. I like how you gave lots of examples about what you said.

  3. I agree with you. I like how you gave reasons to support your claim, but didn’t make it sound like an essay. I like your conclusion because you took your thought to the next level. I think you should do a hook in your introduction.

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