Rube Goldberg #3

Griffin and I have finally have finished building our Rube Goldberg. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. Our final task was to flip a coin. We had 37 tries before the machine actually worked and then we finally got it. One of the hardest things was that we had really bad lighting in the room we were working in so that didn’t make the video the greatest. With iMovie I think that we can put some magic into our video. Overall, we had at least 35 videos on my iPad tonight. It is now a big relief because Griffin and I don’t have to meet with each other anymore to work on everything. In the beginning, we had decided for Griffin to do most of the building because he was home to work on it and I could do all of the video work because I can access it anywhere and so far that plan turned out great. We each got an equal share in everything and we both worked really well together.

This is a link to one of our videos.


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