Rube Goldberg #5

So far Griffin and I have finished the project, but not fully. I still have to write one more blog post after this and then turn in our video. I thought that the overall process was very controllable. I thought is was really nice to know exactly everything that we had to do. Once we knew what to do, it was really easy to plan what we were going to do each time we met or when we should do things at home. I thought that our Rube Goldberg machine itself was complicated but really fun to watch. I thought that our machine was really complicated because we first had a Hot Wheels car go down a track in mid air, which was attached to the window, then the car would hit a stick of bamboo which then bumped a car down a ramp on a structure, and then that would hit a golf ball, which would land on a homemade shovel, which would then scoop up a tennis ball, which would hit a Hot Wheels car, and then the car would go on a track down the ping pong table, then the car would hit big dominoes which would land on a lever and flip a coin. Another thing is that it took 38 tries to get the Rube Goldberg to work, which made me think that it was really complicated.

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