Rube Goldberg #6

Finally we finished the Rube Goldberg Machine project. I thought it was a great time to do in school and something I would never forget doing as a kid. I thought that getting to work with who you wanted was a huge bonus because you could work with someone who you know that works great with you in school projects. I also thought that the entire process of drawing our sketch, building the machine, writing blog posts, and making a movie that my class was all great. One of the things that I do in my free time which is building and making things in the Makerspace and building Rube Goldbergs is something that I sometimes do, so I was really excited that we got to do it as a school project. I really liked how a giant machine could do such a simple task like flipping a coin could be so entertaining. It is pretty much the funnest project that we will be able to do ever. I will miss not getting to do this project. I wish we could be assigned to make multiple machines and they all do different things. Overall it was a great experience for me.

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