Sphero Class 1.0

On March 8, we taught our first Sphero classes. In my group, which is Griffin, David, and I taught how to make an equilateral triangle. Our first 1.0 lesson was with Ms. Cooper’s class. We taught Will, Bora, and Zach Rosenberg. It was a hard lesson. Will was very interested in the Sphero and how to program it. Bora really wanted to program the Sphero. He wanted to see everything that it could do. And Zach really wanted how the Sphero moved and worked. It was hard to get everyone on the same page but we eventually got to teach them how to make a simple triangle. We had some extra time at the end of the lesson so we let them try to drive the Sphero and let them try out some of the other codes. We also showed them some of the other programs that other people had made. We had then taught Ms. Boyer’s class. We taught Ronald, Elliott, and Rush. Nobody was really listening to us at all so it was really hard to teach. Eventually we taught them how to make an equilateral triangle and we time left over to do more things. They all really wanted to experiment driving Sphero so we let them for a couple minutes. Overall it wasn’t that bad and both groups got to learn how to make a triangle.

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