Month: May 2017

Seed Pods

Now we had to pollinate. We got a Q-Tip and touched it on the stamen of one flower and then went to a different one and rubbed the Q-Tip on the Pistel that created little seed pods. Inside they have baby seeds growing and when the plant dies, the new baby seeds will fall out and grow into more and more little plants! If those plants will grow, then maybe it will get pollanited and the same thing will happen to that little plant!


We are recording our measurement on the plant, pods, and observing what is happening.



Our plant! Look at the seed pods!

Plant week 1

Week One


The first day we planted, we did not see anything. We watered it till the wicks were dripping. The next day all the cells had buds. Cell one had 2 leaves. Cell two had two different buds. Cell three was the tallest. Cell four had five leaves. Two days later, cell one had two buds each with four leaves. Cell two had the same thing as cell one. Cell three has three buds! Cell four was the same a cell one. The whole time, the (M) was nothing at all.

Week 2 Plant Reflection

Week 2

The first day of week 2 was May 8th. Then, cell 1 was 2 cm. Cell 2 was 2 cm. Also, cell 3 was 2 ½ cell 4 was 3 cm. All the plants grew taller. The (M) was starting to get moldy. The next day was May 9th and cell 1 was 2 cm. Cell 2 was 2 cm. Cell 3 was 3 cm. Cell 4 was 3 and 1/4. The (M) was nothing. And, it was so smelly! On May 10th, everything was about 3 or 4 cm. They are green and the stem of cell 2 are purple. The (M) smelled like rotten bagel! Then, of course, May 11th, cell 1 was 5 cm. Cell 2 was 3 cm. Cell 3 was 4 cm, and cell 4 was 4 cm. The (M) was nothing and it smelled like rotten cheese. Then, May 12th. Cell 1 was 6 cm. Cell 2 was 5 cm. Cell 3 was 6 cm and the 4th cell was the same as the 3rd cell.

My plants!


Mrs. DeGrazia’s plant!

State Math Test Reflection

The math state test was a little challenging but I managed to get through it. It was not as bad as the ELA state test and it was a little fun but mostly annoying and stressful to do. I felt like I did well. There was a lot of fractions, area, multiplication, and expressions on the test. I got extra recess and time to take a nap. I got to draw on paper but the whole time, I had to be extra, extra quiet. After the whole class was done, we could go on our Chromebooks quietly even though the whole school wasn’t done. Something about the room when everyone was taking the test being quiet made me a little weird. I did not like that feeling. That’s why the math state test was not my favorite.