Month: April 2019

Immigration Project – It’s the end!

Well, I guess this is the end! It has been a fun project, and I won’t forget it. I got better at my interviewing skills, and that will help me with the biggest project of the year; Capstone. Its a research project, and it contributes a lot to your report card, and your grades. I think that this project really made me grow, and I now feel ready for Capstone. I had spent a lot of time on it, and I think it helped me learn to time manage my projects. There is nothing else to say! So, I’ll show you my video.

I really hope you liked my video, and I hope you can tell that I put a lot of effort into it. I’m proud of it, and I hope I did a good job! Well, I won’t be posting anymore about this, so this is the end. Thanks for following this project and how its been doing for me!

Immigration Project – Making the Video!

Making the video was not that easy. In fact, it was really really really hard. Like, unbelievably hard. I decided to do a cool font, with cool effects, with cool colors, but that meant that for every slide that has writing on it, it needs to be a seperate Spark Post, which is more flexible, but then you need to do all the uploading things with each one. Plus, it comes out less clear, more pixely. For the diagonal lines, which happened a lot, because the font was italicy, it looked zig-zaggy, which I didn’t like, but I had to deal with it if I wanted the fonts and colors and all those stuff. So, I ended up having about 16 whole Spark Posts, which was not fun. It was a drag, it really was. I had to take at least 20 minutes for each post. But I got through it. I worked for 3 hours straight on Tuesday, and 2 hours straight on Wednesday. Yes, it was tiring. Yes, it was annoying. And yes, if you look at a screen too long, then you get a headache. I have one as I’m writing this. I had a hard time recording, because my little sister and brother were making noise, in fact, on purpose. Finally, when they went somewhere with my mom, I was home alone, and my voice was the only thing that could be heard in my recordings. It took a while to get all the voiceovers done, but I finally did it! The whole thing turned out to be 28 slides. I am pretty proud of myself, and my next and last post will have a link to the video. I’ll post that soon!

Immigration Project – Doing the Interview

So, we had the interview, and it went pretty well! What we did is we met at my house, in person, when she was babysitting. It was lucky we didn’t need to plan a time by itself, that we could just work with the time that she was already supposed to be at my house. What I did is since my printer wasn’t working, I couldn’t print out the list of questions on a doc. This was a problem. I didn’t want to be looking at the screen for the whole time! There was so much at stake. I was doomed. Finally, I came up with an idea! I downloaded the drive app on my phone, and I read from my phone. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked fine. I while I was interviewing her, I felt like her answers were short, and could have been much longer, making it a better interview, but I was very grateful she even agreed to do it. So I kept quiet. Anyway, it was a fun process. I have never interviewed someone before, and it felt very formal, and I felt like I was a reporter. I also recorded it on my phone on the app Voice Memos. When I listened back, I sounded funny. But, lucky for me, no one else would hear it. I would listen to it and write it all down on paper, or in my case, on a google doc. The voices talked fast, so I kept having to pause it every five seconds. But, after a little while I did it. It was a success! I’ll update you what comes next!

Immigration Project – Starting!

So, for the next few weeks, I will be posting about immigration project that I have. The assignment is to interview someone who immigrated here, to America. Then, I will make a video out of the interview from a program called Sparks video. I thought about if I had people in my family that immigrated. Yes, a few did, but they don’t live close enough to do. So, what I’m going to do it is to interview my babysitter. Her name is Natoya. She is from Jamaica. I chose her because her story is very interesting. Coming up with interview questions was pretty easy. At first, I had to ask a few questions that took only one or two words to answer, but then for the rest, I had to do open answer questions. Something that could lead into a story, or a whole different experience that could help me learn more about the experience. The minimum questions you could have is ten. The max is fifteen. Here are my questions:

  1. Why did you go? Was there some push or pull factors? How did you get the idea to come?
  2. How did you get to America?
  3. Who did you come with to America? Did you leave anyone you loved? Are you able to keep in touch with them?
  4. Did you consider living anywhere else? Where? And why did you choose here?
  5. What did you bring with you?
  6. When did you come?
  7. Where did you arrive in the U.S.?
  8. Were people nice when you got here? Do you remember anyone who made this adjustment easier for you? If so, what did this person do?
  9. Did you have to learn a new language here? If so, was it easy to learn? How long did it take you to learn it?
  10. What do you miss most about your homeland?
  11. If you had not immigrated, what do you think your life would be like today? What did you expect America to be like? Is your expectations the same or different than reality?
  12. Do you have a story that takes place during your process of immigrating that you want to say?
  13. Do you have anything else to tell us? Descriptions, feelings, exchanged words, anything at all?

Anyway, I’ll update you when anything else happens!