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Passion projects: attempt #2!




I think I did better this time than last time, but I still think I have room to make it better.




I think I did better this time, but I think there is still room to grow for me.

Passion project #4 – First attempt!

So, I know that this is a little late, but I couldn’t do it before because we didn’t have all the ingredients. So, I did it, and it was really fun. We had to bake the cupcakes and then wait a little, for it to chill before we did the frosting, because otherwise the frosting would have melted on the cupcake. We needed to make our own frosting, because otherwise it would come out of the piping bag wrong. So what we did is made our own buttercream, and that kind of takes a while, it anyway, we did it, and we made the rosettes. I think they looked like, maybe a 6 out of ten on the way it looks. Here are some pictures!

This is what I want it to look like. (I found this picture on the Web)


This was when they went out of the oven.

And that was my first attempt! I will show you when I do my second!

Technology #3 – Our first project!

So, today, we started our first project – we are going to make pendants, and we can put it on a necklace or bracelet. I am really excited about this because I really want to make a R, and then give it to my mom, because her name is Rachel. I think she will really like it. We are doing this by using, at max, 5 wires, to make a design, in a circle. Then, we are going to solder it and hopefully, it will look really cool! Right now, we are brainstorming what we want to do, and I definitely want to do an R. I think that is what I will give her for a holiday present. I will also, on my own time, make something for my dad, maybe a tennis ball. Here is a picture of my brainstorming sheet.

Technology #2 – Learning about atoms

These past few days, we have been learning about atoms. We learned that we would need to make a grapefruit as big as the earth to be able to see the atoms. And guess how big each atom would be once you make the grapefruit as big as the world? The same size as a blueberry! Imagine the whole world made of blueberries: Hills=Blueberries, Mountains=Blueberries, Houses=Blueberries! That is just how much atoms are in one grapefruit!

Passion project – Figuring out my prototype!

So, this week, we needed to think about what we are going to do for our prototype. I had a little bit of an idea of what I wanted to do before, but now I need to figure out the details. I can do this by answering a few questions.

1. What will I learn and make?

Okay, so for this passion project, I will learn how to make rosettes (hopefully) really well. I am going to do this by making cupcakes, and making rosettes on them.

2. Why do you want to learn and make this?

So, if you guys don’t know, I LOVE baking, especially decorating baked goods, and the techniques of decorating it. I want to learn this so that I can learn how to make better rosettes, for my future baked products. I think it will be a really fun project for me.

3. How will you learn and make this?

Well, I think the first step is to bake the cupcakes, then, do my first attempt without any research. I’ll take a picture, and then research a little bit. Then, the next week, I will do my second attempt, and reflect on if I did it better then the first time. Then, the next week, I’ll do a bunch more research, and to my final prototype/last attempt/final product.

4. What will success look like for you?

Success, for me, will look like at the beginning, it will be messy, and pretty horrible, then progressing, for my second attempt, and for my last attempt, I HOPE that it will be pretty/really good.


So, I’ll update you what comes next, which will be after my first attempt! I’ll post a picture, and I hope it won’t be too embarrassing!

Tech #1

Hi! So, my next few posts (10 posts) might be only about tech. My new quarter, Tech, is fun so far. I think it will be a exciting quarter. This is my first post, and it is about BreakOut Edu. Basically, it was a game, where we needed to use clues to unlock three locks on a box. The “problem” was that all of the safety googles were missing and that they were in the box. There were two teams, and both teams wanted to solve the clues and codes and open the box first. Now, both teams get two hints from Mr. Calvert, and you get to pick when you get them, but after you’ve used your two hints, no more hints for you and your team. There is a box on his desk, and everyone was trying to figure out what was in there, and what the code was, but the truth is, you don’t need whatever is in there to succeed and to get it first. This is a little like a cheat sheet, and I hope it helps you!

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Passion project: Starting the Keynote Presentation

So, this week, we had to start a brief slideshow, of Adobe Spark, Google Slides, or Keynote. I have used Adobe spark and Google slides, but never Keynote. I wanted to try it! I felt like it would be fun to try something new, and I just hope it will turn out well! But I have no way of actually knowing if it will, so let’s just hope for the best! I first made a slide, a title slide, but it doesn’t have anything on it yet, no pictures, because I haven’t done the stuff yet, the baking, the rosettes. Then, I made a slide about why I wanted to do this topic for my passion project. It has lots of pictures of stuff I have made and stuff that my mom has made, because she is the person who inspired me to do this topic. Then, I have a slide for my previous creations that have rosettes in them. I have slide for my first attempt, which I haven’t done yet, because we are not supposed to do our actual thing yet, and that’s all I have so far! Because I don’t know where this project is going to take me. There is no full out plan, because I don’t know how good I will be at making recess. So that’s all I have so far! I’ll update you what comes next.