Passion project: Starting the Keynote Presentation

So, this week, we had to start a brief slideshow, of Adobe Spark, Google Slides, or Keynote. I have used Adobe spark and Google slides, but never Keynote. I wanted to try it! I felt like it would be fun to try something new, and I just hope it will turn out well! But I have no way of actually knowing if it will, so let’s just hope for the best! I first made a slide, a title slide, but it doesn’t have anything on it yet, no pictures, because I haven’t done the stuff yet, the baking, the rosettes. Then, I made a slide about why I wanted to do this topic for my passion project. It has lots of pictures of stuff I have made and stuff that my mom has made, because she is the person who inspired me to do this topic. Then, I have a slide for my previous creations that have rosettes in them. I have slide for my first attempt, which I haven’t done yet, because we are not supposed to do our actual thing yet, and that’s all I have so far! Because I don’t know where this project is going to take me. There is no full out plan, because I don’t know how good I will be at making recess. So that’s all I have so far! I’ll update you what comes next.

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  1. Hi Gracie,
    Its cool how you can do the stuff with keynote! I was just wondering if this is your blog post for this past week. If it was aren’t we supposed to answer the questions he gave us?

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