Passion project – presentation!

I feel like I am ready for this presentation, but I think it might be too long. I’m using Keynote, and I have 6 slides – one for a title slide, one for a slide about why I was interested in this topic, one for my first attempt, one for my second attempt, one for my final attempt, and then one that wraps the presentation up. I have three or four pictures on each slide, and I hope that my presentation will be super good! (And a minute or under!)


So this is (I think) the end of me writing about my passion project one! I hope that I improved (I think I did) on making rosettes, and I even learned how to make tie-die rosettes! I think this project was also really super fun. Maybe I’ll do another passion project soon!

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  1. Your presentation seems amazing! You chose a really interesting topic and it is awesome that you learned how to make the rosettes!

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