Tech #4 – Shaping the Wire!

So, as you know, we are making solder jewelry – pendants in particular. I decided to do my heart design – it only takes two wires to make the heart. But the first thing we had to do is make the actual circle. I was surprised that we had to do this, because I thought the circles were going to be already made for us. But, we learned how to do it. We wrapped our wire around a mandril and then made it really tight by wrapping one wire around the other, using one as a post. To help this process, we used the bottlenose pliers to tighten the wrap. Then, we used the flushed pliers to cut it right there. We then made the circle where we will put the sting of the necklace I’m making. We did this with the barrel pliers. Then, again, we wrapped it around and cut it with the flushed pliers. That’s all I’ve done so far. I’ll put a few pictures up when I’m done. But here is a picture of the circle pendant part.



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