Tech #5 – Video about metals!

So today we watched a video about metals, and it talked about how rare gold is, that if we combined all the gold we have, it would only fill about 1/3 of the Washington Monument. To make gold, or any element, you need to heat up neutrons, protons, and electrons, at a temperature of billions of degrees. When that happens, the particles join together. This process is called fusion. A scientist made an experiment that the copper will defeat the superbug if on it. It worked. The copper destroyed the superbug’s DNA. They realized that they could put it on door handles, stair handles, elevator buttons, and more, objects that are touched so often, objects that get people sick, because there are so many germs on it. But if they made those things out of copper, the disease and sickness would not stay on those objects, they would die on those objects, and they wouldn’t make other people sick. This whole discovery could save millions of lives.

I think I learned a lot from this video. It was interesting too.

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