Month: January 2020

Tech #10 – Drafting my design!

So, for my design idea, I want to do a simple thing, here is a picture. There are wires shown inside, but you won’t see them.


It took me a really long time to draft this, because I needed to make sure all the lines are perfectly straight. I needed to make the curved lines perfectly angled, and the whole thing really had a lot to do with measuring. After I finished sketching, I had to pick out my parts – an elbow, two caps, and the PBC pipes. I needed to cut the PBC pipes to the size I drew it on my draft. About 4 inches, and then I needed to cut one one inch, then I was done. Next, I need to solder the wires and the switch and the batteries together. After that, drill a whole in the cap for the light, and drill a whole in the elbow for the switch. Then, I am about done! I am so excited to finish it and see how it works!

Tech #9 – Learning about the Thailand crisis

So, recently, we learned about a really bad thing happened, that a few years ago there was a few boys that wandered into a cave for fun, and they ended up getting stuck in it, and the cave flooded. People found out and cavers tried to find them. Finally, they did it, but one of the divers died in the process. All of the boys came out alive. We watched a video about this and it was really sad but interesting. When the video ended, Mr. Calvert talked about how we are going to be making waterproof flashlights! We are going to be using PBC pipes and wires and elbows and things like that. We are going to be making very detailed to size sketches of exactly what we are going to be doing. It sounds fun! I’m excited to get started!