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The War That Saved My Life— Book Recommendation

This is my book recommendation. This book is very good and I think you would really like it! If you don’t have a book to read, this is what you should try!

The War That Saved My Life Book Recommendation

Book recommendation by Gracie


If you had a serious clubfoot and because of it, your mom treated you like a rat, what would you do? In the book The War That Saved My Life by Jamie Brubaker Bradley, Ada has a clubfoot and her mom treats her like a slave. She can’t even walk or leave one room! Finally, when World War 2 breaks out, Ada and her brother Jamie come up with a plan. Will it work out or will they get into deep trouble?

This is historical fiction. I love this book because it is sad and I like sad books. It lets me put myself into Ada’s shoes.


Spain Travel brochure

This is my slideshow!  It about the 6 Cultural universals of Spain. Cultural universals are the way places are. These include politics, social aspects, economics, beliefs, geography, and cultural arts. Come and fly into Spain with me!

Lima Beans 3rd Week

This is the controlled.
This is the no sunlight!
This is the no air!


This is our Lima beans in week three! Our plants are not in normal conditions. Normal conditions would be sunlight, soil, air, and water. None of our plants have soil. I think that seeds can grow without soil if it gets the nutrition it needs from fertilizer.

Controlled (water, air, and sunlight)

This was good. It was not as good as a plant with soil though. It has a few leaves. It is still not the healthiest plant though. Everything is brown including the roots. The other 2 seeds did not do anything at all. It was just 2 other seeds just sitting there.

No Sunlight (Air and water)

The no sunlight is white instead of green. I think it really needs sunlight. The no sunlight has few roots but is white. That means the plant is very unhealthy. They are all very droopy. They are not going to grow into a mature plant. It won’t make it all the way. It will die in the young plant stage.

No air (sunlight and water)

The no air was doing well at first but now it is getting bad. It isn’t getting the carbon-dioxide it needs to live. This is a unhealthy plant. It will not grow into a mature plant. It will die.

Seed Pods

Now we had to pollinate. We got a Q-Tip and touched it on the stamen of one flower and then went to a different one and rubbed the Q-Tip on the Pistel that created little seed pods. Inside they have baby seeds growing and when the plant dies, the new baby seeds will fall out and grow into more and more little plants! If those plants will grow, then maybe it will get pollanited and the same thing will happen to that little plant!


We are recording our measurement on the plant, pods, and observing what is happening.



Our plant! Look at the seed pods!

Plant week 1

Week One


The first day we planted, we did not see anything. We watered it till the wicks were dripping. The next day all the cells had buds. Cell one had 2 leaves. Cell two had two different buds. Cell three was the tallest. Cell four had five leaves. Two days later, cell one had two buds each with four leaves. Cell two had the same thing as cell one. Cell three has three buds! Cell four was the same a cell one. The whole time, the (M) was nothing at all.

State Math Test Reflection

The math state test was a little challenging but I managed to get through it. It was not as bad as the ELA state test and it was a little fun but mostly annoying and stressful to do. I felt like I did well. There was a lot of fractions, area, multiplication, and expressions on the test. I got extra recess and time to take a nap. I got to draw on paper but the whole time, I had to be extra, extra quiet. After the whole class was done, we could go on our Chromebooks quietly even though the whole school wasn’t done. Something about the room when everyone was taking the test being quiet made me a little weird. I did not like that feeling. That’s why the math state test was not my favorite.

Book of the Month and TED Talk

Book of the month


One Plastic Bag is mostly about Isatou and the recycling women weaving plastic bag strips into little purses. My favorite part of the story is when it shows that there are no plastic bags left. It made me feel like everyone wanted to help the world. This book reminds me of when I am trying to think of ways to help the world be a better place. The message of the book is that you can choose to do almost anything you put your mind to. I think that Isatou was not aware of all those plastic bags till they found their way to her. I think she did not know that the plastic bags would be bad for the world. I know that because she thought that it would crumble in with the other sand. You can make the world a better place.

TED Talk
In the Banning Plastic Bags in Bali, the two sisters banned plastic bags from Bali. That is what it is mostly about. My favorite part was when they told that they went on a hunger strike. Wooo-hooo! That must be hard. Oh my gosh! This Ted Talk reminded me of the book One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul. The message of this book is that kids can do anything.

Poetry Reflection

Poem Reflection

By Gracie

I am allergic to peanut butter and I did not like when it gets close to me. I got inspired to make big drama about peanut butter. Sometimes I like to be dramatic in my writing. I thought I could do it with this piece of writing. I like to rhyme, describe, and be very funny.


Peanut Butter

By Gracie 


Peanut butter and WAIT!!!

I’m allergic. Help me!

That tan colored creepy thing!

That creamy

Salty tasting

Swirly thing


Like whipped cream!

But bad




Sticky thing

Chunky stuff in that jar

Chill down my spine kind of thing

That’s peanut butter!

Scary peanut butter

I hate that brand called Skippy!


And Jif!

Get it away!

Panic attack!

Wait, wait, wait.

I won’t eat it so I will not get hurt.



What if someone shoves it in my mouth?!?


Give me some medicine!



Who would shove it into my mouth?

No one.



Sorry for the meltdown.


Don’t you like my poem?!?

Me reading my poem to the class!

ELA State Test.

I did not like the test. It was not  for me. My teacher was reading from a script and did not sound like herself. She sounded like a robot. I really did not like it. It was sad I had to do it. So sad.  I was a little nervous.The only good part of the test was that I could sleep in class. (So cool!) And, I got extra recess. Pretty good. I am happy  it is over until May. But by then I will be okay.  The ELA state test is not my favorite but it is better than other things. All the preparing made me pressured. I got almost no time to what we usually did – stuff that was not as serious. (Even though I am serious with my regular schoolwork.) Well I took the test, the classroom was just too quiet. The fresh air outside helped me feel better but before, everything involved with testing seemed dull. In class, I did not make any bad comments about the state test because some people liked it and I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. Well, the state test was not as bad as I thought. And I will try to remember that for next time.


My Moon Unit Reflection

It was awesome to keep track of the moon. I never knew it would be so cool! It was amazing how the moon looked like it changed even though it didn’t. It was fun to learn the phases of the moon – then see them! Every day more amazement, I couldn’t stop having fun. The interesting facts, I wanted to learn more! A whole planet – ready to be explored for whoever looks up and says,”I’m going out there.” New moon, Waxing crescent, First quarter, Waxing gibbous, Full moon, Waning gibbous, Last quarter, Waning crescent, New moon again! So much to learn, find out! What do I still not know? This unit was so fun, I don’t want to leave it in space. Ha-ha! Mrs.Kiley helped me understand everything I wanted to know, she never talked about anything boring. We made a model of the moon, sun, and earth. It helped us understand that the fully lit part is always facing the sun because the moon is only lit because it has the suns reflection. Also, we made the sun a flashlight and the moon a wooden golf ball. We learned about the shadows and how the got created.The moon has a special place in the outer space. The unit was the funnest science unit ever!

I am sad the moon unit is over.

I think you would like it too.