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Tech #10 – Drafting my design!

So, for my design idea, I want to do a simple thing, here is a picture. There are wires shown inside, but you won’t see them.


It took me a really long time to draft this, because I needed to make sure all the lines are perfectly straight. I needed to make the curved lines perfectly angled, and the whole thing really had a lot to do with measuring. After I finished sketching, I had to pick out my parts – an elbow, two caps, and the PBC pipes. I needed to cut the PBC pipes to the size I drew it on my draft. About 4 inches, and then I needed to cut one one inch, then I was done. Next, I need to solder the wires and the switch and the batteries together. After that, drill a whole in the cap for the light, and drill a whole in the elbow for the switch. Then, I am about done! I am so excited to finish it and see how it works!

Tech #8 – Driveless car game!

So, we recently played a game with our switch, and it was kind of fun! Basically, we just had to get with 4 people at a table, and get three of our switches. We connect them with 3 lights on the breadboards, and when you press one of the switches, one goes on. Anyway, there is then a deck of cards, and two people split the deck. They both turn over a card and if they are both red then press the switch in the middle. If the left one is red, then press the switch on the left. If the card on the right is red and the other is black, then activate the right switch. It is timed and mistakes are counted. I think it was a fun experience!

Tech #7 – My jewelry finished!

So, for my jewelry, my idea was to do a heart. So, I cut the wires for the heart, which only took two wires. It wasn’t that hard. So then I got some double-sided tape and stuck it on the design sheet, and then put the wires on it. I then waited for my turn to use the solder, which is, as you know, more than 800º, and soldered the parts that I wanted to be together. I needed to wait a few minute for the pendant to cool, and then I took it off the tape. It looked great! I think I will make it a necklace. Here is a picture.



Tech #6 – Making my switch!

So, we are doing a project and we are going to make switches and use them for a game. Basically, we make it with cardboard and tin foil to close a circuit created by a breadboard. When we connect the switch, we press a button on our switch and then a light on our breadboard turns on. We needed to learn how to use the jigsaw. For me, it was scary in the beginning. You need to put your fingers less than an inch away from the scary blade. I almost cut myself multiple times. Here is a picture of my switch.

Tech #5 – Video about metals!

So today we watched a video about metals, and it talked about how rare gold is, that if we combined all the gold we have, it would only fill about 1/3 of the Washington Monument. To make gold, or any element, you need to heat up neutrons, protons, and electrons, at a temperature of billions of degrees. When that happens, the particles join together. This process is called fusion. A scientist made an experiment that the copper will defeat the superbug if on it. It worked. The copper destroyed the superbug’s DNA. They realized that they could put it on door handles, stair handles, elevator buttons, and more, objects that are touched so often, objects that get people sick, because there are so many germs on it. But if they made those things out of copper, the disease and sickness would not stay on those objects, they would die on those objects, and they wouldn’t make other people sick. This whole discovery could save millions of lives.

I think I learned a lot from this video. It was interesting too.

Tech #4 – Shaping the Wire!

So, as you know, we are making solder jewelry – pendants in particular. I decided to do my heart design – it only takes two wires to make the heart. But the first thing we had to do is make the actual circle. I was surprised that we had to do this, because I thought the circles were going to be already made for us. But, we learned how to do it. We wrapped our wire around a mandril and then made it really tight by wrapping one wire around the other, using one as a post. To help this process, we used the bottlenose pliers to tighten the wrap. Then, we used the flushed pliers to cut it right there. We then made the circle where we will put the sting of the necklace I’m making. We did this with the barrel pliers. Then, again, we wrapped it around and cut it with the flushed pliers. That’s all I’ve done so far. I’ll put a few pictures up when I’m done. But here is a picture of the circle pendant part.



Technology #2 – Learning about atoms

These past few days, we have been learning about atoms. We learned that we would need to make a grapefruit as big as the earth to be able to see the atoms. And guess how big each atom would be once you make the grapefruit as big as the world? The same size as a blueberry! Imagine the whole world made of blueberries: Hills=Blueberries, Mountains=Blueberries, Houses=Blueberries! That is just how much atoms are in one grapefruit!

Tech #1

Hi! So, my next few posts (10 posts) might be only about tech. My new quarter, Tech, is fun so far. I think it will be a exciting quarter. This is my first post, and it is about BreakOut Edu. Basically, it was a game, where we needed to use clues to unlock three locks on a box. The “problem” was that all of the safety googles were missing and that they were in the box. There were two teams, and both teams wanted to solve the clues and codes and open the box first. Now, both teams get two hints from Mr. Calvert, and you get to pick when you get them, but after you’ve used your two hints, no more hints for you and your team. There is a box on his desk, and everyone was trying to figure out what was in there, and what the code was, but the truth is, you don’t need whatever is in there to succeed and to get it first. This is a little like a cheat sheet, and I hope it helps you!

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