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The War That Saved My Life— Book Recommendation

This is my book recommendation. This book is very good and I think you would really like it! If you don’t have a book to read, this is what you should try!

The War That Saved My Life Book Recommendation

Book recommendation by Gracie


If you had a serious clubfoot and because of it, your mom treated you like a rat, what would you do? In the book The War That Saved My Life by Jamie Brubaker Bradley, Ada has a clubfoot and her mom treats her like a slave. She can’t even walk or leave one room! Finally, when World War 2 breaks out, Ada and her brother Jamie come up with a plan. Will it work out or will they get into deep trouble?

This is historical fiction. I love this book because it is sad and I like sad books. It lets me put myself into Ada’s shoes.