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State Math Test Reflection

The math state test was a little challenging but I managed to get through it. It was not as bad as the ELA state test and it was a little fun but mostly annoying and stressful to do. I felt like I did well. There was a lot of fractions, area, multiplication, and expressions on the test. I got extra recess and time to take a nap. I got to draw on paper but the whole time, I had to be extra, extra quiet. After the whole class was done, we could go on our Chromebooks quietly even though the whole school wasn’t done. Something about the room when everyone was taking the test being quiet made me a little weird. I did not like that feeling. That’s why the math state test was not my favorite.

Poetry Reflection

Poem Reflection

By Gracie

I am allergic to peanut butter and I did not like when it gets close to me. I got inspired to make big drama about peanut butter. Sometimes I like to be dramatic in my writing. I thought I could do it with this piece of writing. I like to rhyme, describe, and be very funny.


Peanut Butter

By Gracie 


Peanut butter and WAIT!!!

I’m allergic. Help me!

That tan colored creepy thing!

That creamy

Salty tasting

Swirly thing


Like whipped cream!

But bad




Sticky thing

Chunky stuff in that jar

Chill down my spine kind of thing

That’s peanut butter!

Scary peanut butter

I hate that brand called Skippy!


And Jif!

Get it away!

Panic attack!

Wait, wait, wait.

I won’t eat it so I will not get hurt.



What if someone shoves it in my mouth?!?


Give me some medicine!



Who would shove it into my mouth?

No one.



Sorry for the meltdown.


Don’t you like my poem?!?

Me reading my poem to the class!