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Rube Goldberg – Wrapping up

So, I know that you’re wondering how everything’s been going, but there is nothing going on! Me and Logan are just struggling to get everything done. We got the video to Mrs.Cooper in time; we don’t need to worry about that anymore. We are doing the end stuff – getting the videos onto the blog posts, writing our lasts of them, all that stuff. The project is basically officially over! No more stressing about this. Me and Logan have definitely said a lot that we hated this project. But, that was only at the times where we were really really stressed. I think that in the long run, that this was a great experience and it taught me to manage my time, and to never give up; and it really showed me that stuff is not always how it looks. There is a chance that it might be 10 times as hard; or a lot harder. We had to run the machine 28 times, camera and everything, and also all that setting up, plus all the testing that needed to be done. Yes, we got frustrated at times, LOTS of times, but we pushed through. Even though it was unbelievably ridiculously hard. I just want to thank Logan, for being a great friend, and being so flexible with ideas, schedules, me coming over to her house, and us using all her and her brother’s toys. I want to also thank her family, for also letting me come and stay for dinner, or for a hour or two, like, 3-4 times a week,for helping us all the way, and for making everything possible. I couldn’t have done this without them. Here is a video of it!

Rube Goldberg – Cooperation

So, you guys know what’s happening right now, so I want to talk about how me and Logan have been working together, and how working together has benefits rather than working alone.

Me and Logan have been working really well together, and by that what I mean is that we sometimes have some arguments, but they’re small, and they go away in seconds. Yes, it might be harder to work the schedules than if you work alone, but there’s more support – support in all directions. Also, there’s more flexibility in what you can use, because there is more than one family with toys and other stuff of all kinds. I’m very happy I did it with Logan and I know I will always. Also, it’s fun to be working with your friends! There are just so many possibilities!

Unfortunately, some of the times that I go over to Logan’s house, we don’t get much done, but that changes on what stage we are on in the process of Rube Goldberg. I’ll update you on what comes next!

Rube Goldberg – Having Troubles!

I haven’t posted in a while, but that’s because nothing has been going on. We had vacation, and then again we were reminded of the deadline for everything else – only a week away. And I’m going away for the weekend, which means only working after school.

We’re very nervous. And with all the videos, testing, and blog posting also needing to be done, we’re running close. Every moment needs to be used, and the dominos are just not cooperating.

Unfortunately, we are running low on time. We’ll update you when the time comes! Wish us the best!

Rube Goldberg – Starting to build!

Logan and I are starting to build! It’s an exciting process, and I think this might be my favorite part of Rube Goldberg! There has been some tough surprises, that I will talk about in the next few paragraphs.

Part of the problem is that the dominoes kept falling down on each other, triggering the reaction when we didn’t want it to. There was nothing we could do about it but watch as our whole thing was set off, so that it would need to be redoed yet again.

Also, after we had spent all that time setting it up, the next day I came to school and Logan told me that all the dominoes we had spent hours setting up had been knocked down. That was a hard situation!

I will blog more soon, as soon as we hit another milestone. Hopefully, then, we will have the dominoes back up.

Rube Goldberg – Sketching!

Me and my partner, Logan, have started sketching the design! We are stuck at step #4, with 5 or more whole steps to go. We used the most common steps and were apparently entering the “Goldberg World”. We had to have ideas but we were stuck. We didn’t want to repeat a step or some steps because that would bring our grade down. We were stuck and we were really stressed out. We were making no progress in the sketch, and the deadline was coming quick.


Suddenly, me and my mom found a cool video while looking for inspiration. It had really cool steps, that we hadn’t tried. We suddenly had a lot of ideas. If you want to watch the video, here’s the link:

We used some of the designs in our sketch. Our sketch would have to be 8 or more (which is optional) steps. The final sketch doesn’t need to be how it turns out. It’s just a plan that helps you figure out the basics, and then you can do the good stuff. Here is a picture of our sketch, although we redid it later.




We changed the goal to making an expanding ball that was hanging on the ceiling to fall and close. We did this because it was cooler as a finale than the car going down the ramp. We are not sure whether we will change it a lot or a little, but we will be able to tell soon.


I will blog in a few days, to keep you updated. Hope you find this process interesting!

Rube Goldberg – Starting to make decisions!

Class 5-C has started the Rube Goldberg unit! It is going to be an exciting development, and I am very happy that we are doing it. I will blog six more documentaries about this project to update you about the process.

The first step of the development is to make a few decisions. We had to decide if we were going to work in a group, a pair, or independently. If you were working with someone, then you needed to make sure that you lived close enough, meaning not taking 20 minutes to get there, and if your schedules would work.

I decided to work with my friend, Logan. She is open minded, kind, and we work well together. She lives 5 minutes away and we both have flexible schedules. We meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, sometimes Fridays, and the weekends.

The next question was where would we be working? This had to be a place where it wouldn’t get destroyed, touched, or messed around with without our okay. This was a little bit hard, considering we both have baby brothers, prone to touching and/or damaging (by mistake). But we ended up mostly at her house, because she has more open space. We cleared out an area, that has a really cool layout.

The next thing we would decide is what would be our end goal? This could be getting a soccer ball into the net, turning on the light, flipping a page in a book, or some other simple task. The assignment would be to make it a complex Goldberg machine. Our goal would be to get a car down a ramp.

Now, we are going to start sketching, and I am very excited. I’ll update you what comes next!

Lima Beans 3rd Week

This is the controlled.
This is the no sunlight!
This is the no air!


This is our Lima beans in week three! Our plants are not in normal conditions. Normal conditions would be sunlight, soil, air, and water. None of our plants have soil. I think that seeds can grow without soil if it gets the nutrition it needs from fertilizer.

Controlled (water, air, and sunlight)

This was good. It was not as good as a plant with soil though. It has a few leaves. It is still not the healthiest plant though. Everything is brown including the roots. The other 2 seeds did not do anything at all. It was just 2 other seeds just sitting there.

No Sunlight (Air and water)

The no sunlight is white instead of green. I think it really needs sunlight. The no sunlight has few roots but is white. That means the plant is very unhealthy. They are all very droopy. They are not going to grow into a mature plant. It won’t make it all the way. It will die in the young plant stage.

No air (sunlight and water)

The no air was doing well at first but now it is getting bad. It isn’t getting the carbon-dioxide it needs to live. This is a unhealthy plant. It will not grow into a mature plant. It will die.

Seed Pods

Now we had to pollinate. We got a Q-Tip and touched it on the stamen of one flower and then went to a different one and rubbed the Q-Tip on the Pistel that created little seed pods. Inside they have baby seeds growing and when the plant dies, the new baby seeds will fall out and grow into more and more little plants! If those plants will grow, then maybe it will get pollanited and the same thing will happen to that little plant!


We are recording our measurement on the plant, pods, and observing what is happening.



Our plant! Look at the seed pods!

Plant week 1

Week One


The first day we planted, we did not see anything. We watered it till the wicks were dripping. The next day all the cells had buds. Cell one had 2 leaves. Cell two had two different buds. Cell three was the tallest. Cell four had five leaves. Two days later, cell one had two buds each with four leaves. Cell two had the same thing as cell one. Cell three has three buds! Cell four was the same a cell one. The whole time, the (M) was nothing at all.

My Moon Unit Reflection

It was awesome to keep track of the moon. I never knew it would be so cool! It was amazing how the moon looked like it changed even though it didn’t. It was fun to learn the phases of the moon – then see them! Every day more amazement, I couldn’t stop having fun. The interesting facts, I wanted to learn more! A whole planet – ready to be explored for whoever looks up and says,”I’m going out there.” New moon, Waxing crescent, First quarter, Waxing gibbous, Full moon, Waning gibbous, Last quarter, Waning crescent, New moon again! So much to learn, find out! What do I still not know? This unit was so fun, I don’t want to leave it in space. Ha-ha! Mrs.Kiley helped me understand everything I wanted to know, she never talked about anything boring. We made a model of the moon, sun, and earth. It helped us understand that the fully lit part is always facing the sun because the moon is only lit because it has the suns reflection. Also, we made the sun a flashlight and the moon a wooden golf ball. We learned about the shadows and how the got created.The moon has a special place in the outer space. The unit was the funnest science unit ever!

I am sad the moon unit is over.

I think you would like it too.