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Book of the Month and TED Talk

Book of the month


One Plastic Bag is mostly about Isatou and the recycling women weaving plastic bag strips into little purses. My favorite part of the story is when it shows that there are no plastic bags left. It made me feel like everyone wanted to help the world. This book reminds me of when I am trying to think of ways to help the world be a better place. The message of the book is that you can choose to do almost anything you put your mind to. I think that Isatou was not aware of all those plastic bags till they found their way to her. I think she did not know that the plastic bags would be bad for the world. I know that because she thought that it would crumble in with the other sand. You can make the world a better place.

TED Talk
In the Banning Plastic Bags in Bali, the two sisters banned plastic bags from Bali. That is what it is mostly about. My favorite part was when they told that they went on a hunger strike. Wooo-hooo! That must be hard. Oh my gosh! This Ted Talk reminded me of the book One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul. The message of this book is that kids can do anything.

ELA State Test.

I did not like the test. It was not  for me. My teacher was reading from a script and did not sound like herself. She sounded like a robot. I really did not like it. It was sad I had to do it. So sad.  I was a little nervous.The only good part of the test was that I could sleep in class. (So cool!) And, I got extra recess. Pretty good. I am happy  it is over until May. But by then I will be okay.  The ELA state test is not my favorite but it is better than other things. All the preparing made me pressured. I got almost no time to what we usually did – stuff that was not as serious. (Even though I am serious with my regular schoolwork.) Well I took the test, the classroom was just too quiet. The fresh air outside helped me feel better but before, everything involved with testing seemed dull. In class, I did not make any bad comments about the state test because some people liked it and I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. Well, the state test was not as bad as I thought. And I will try to remember that for next time.


Basketball Rules Information Book

In class we did a information book about a topic we loved and knew a lot about.We had a lot of fun. My book is about basketball rules. Basketball is on of my favorite sports to play and watch. I hope you jump into the book!

Now you understand more about basketball rules! I hope you enjoyed my book!