Rube Goldberg Post #3

When I was testing my Rube Goldberg, I realized that it didn’t work well. The track was sliding, the car wasn’t going around the loop. It just wasn’t reliable. I was really upset because I worked pretty hard on it, but I knew that my machine had to work almost all the time. I had to be reliable.
I didn’t have many more ideas, so I looked at some examples of Rube Goldberg machines to help me out. The video helped me a LOT. It gave me many ideas. Then I had to sketch it. I took some parts that I might need to make my new ideas work. After some hard thinking and testing, I finally had a poster of my new Rube Goldberg machine.
My goal is to make the food in the cup fall in the dog bowl. Then my puppy, Sierra will eat her dinner. I have 13 steps.  Now that I have all of the parts, I will start to build.

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