Rube Goldberg Post #4

Now that I am making a new machine, I need a new sketch. I used the videos to help me draw my sketch. I knew that it was a good strategy to work backwards. I tried, but I could’t really think of how to tip over the cup of food. Then I decided that I’ll just work form the beginning. I thought that it would be really hard, but it was actually pretty easy.
My first step is me pressing the button. The button then makes the car go on the track. Then the car will hit the clear tube. There is a paper role that has a string tied to it. On the other side of the string is a little tire. The tire on the string is wrapped around the paper role. The clear tube stands next to the tire to keep it from swinging. When the tube falls down, the tire on the string swings. Then the tire hits the dominoes, which hit each other. The last domino has a string attached to it. The string is also a stopper for the marble on a ramp. When the last domino falls off the table, the string goes down with it, causing the marble to go down the ramp. Then the marble shoots the ball and knocks down the cup of food.
I hope that this will work.

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