Rube Goldberg Post #5

I have been collecting all of the parts for my machine. Then I started to test each step to make sure that it works. Everything is working perfectly. All I have to do is build it.
After I built it, I tested it. I tested it many times. The first time, the clear tube fell over before the car hit it. The solution to that was to put the clear tube on a ledge, so it would hold it up enough and still allow the clear tube to fall off. The second time, the tire hit the ledge of the table, so it wouldn’t spin around. The solution to that was to move the paper tube with the tire farther away from the ledge. Also to move the string with the tire farther up, so the tire would be further off the ground. The third time, the tire did not hit the Lego person. Was not getting knocked down by the tire. What happened was, the tire hit theĀ  Lego person, butĀ  it didn’t fall of the table, so it wasn’t enough to make the marble fall. The solution to that was to move the tire and the Lego person, so the tire will swing with lots of force to move the string. The fourth time, the Lego person fell off the table, but wasn’t heavy enough to pull the string. The solution to that was to attach another Lego person to make it heavy.
Now I think that we are ready to video.

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