My Ignite Presentation

At school, I had to do an Ignite Presentation. An Ignite Presentation is a presentation that is ninety seconds. There are seven slides, an intro, five picture slides, and a conclusion. The first and last slides are called burn slides because the in the beginning and the end, you don’t have the audience’s full attention. The main rule in an Ignite Presentation, is that it has to tell a story.
I decided to do my Ignite on the most recent storm. I chose this because it was the only thing that was fresh in my mind, and since I lost power, I thought that it would be an interesting story.
The assignment was to make a presentation with pictures and a script in a week. You had to memorize your script for the final presentation. I thought that it would be really hard. On the day of the presentation, I was really nervous, but I thought that I did well.
This is my Ignite Presentation:

2 thoughts on “My Ignite Presentation

  1. I like how you told us what an Ignite is so people won’t get confused. I also like how you told us your feels before the presentation. Good job!

  2. I really like how you described exactly what an Ignite is, so other people who don’t know what it is can get exactly what you’re saying. I also like that you wrote about how you got your idea, and that you explained your feelings.

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