Post #1: Choosing a Topic

Before I started fifth grade, I already knew that we would be doing a Capstone project because I have an older brother. Since I already knew that I was going to do this project, I started to think about it ahead of time. I wanted to get a jump start. As of now my topic is the stock market.
I didn’t just randomly come up with my topic. My mom kind of led me toward it. Since my godmother works at CNBC, we thought that it would be a good idea to do a topic that had to do with journalism. I thought that would be a cool project. Since I had my topic ready, I just ignored the project.
Later, I realized that what my godmother does, is a show called Power Lunch. She writes shows about the stock market. To see what it was like, I turned on the TV to check it out. I realized that it wasn’t exactly my original topic, but once I watched some more, I became fascinated by the stock market.
Ever since, I’ve been more aware of the stock market. My mom, dad, and brother have some stocks. I always look at the stock app to see how my family’s stocks are doing. I like to pretend to be a stock picker and see which stocks are doing well. My grandfather was a very good stock picker.
When I started the capstone unit, I realized that my topic can’t be so broad. It can’t just be the stock market, it has to be a question and not broad. At school, I took some notes about the possible questions. Right now, my inquiry question is “What top factors affect the stock market?” We are also supposed to come up with five sub questions. I only came up with one so far, which isĀ  “How do different things affect different stocks in different ways?”

3 thoughts on “Post #1: Choosing a Topic

  1. I like how you talked about how you chose your topic and questions, and you didn’t go too off topic. I think you wrote a good amount. I like how you talked about how you changed your original topic a little, and how you narrowed your topic down.

  2. I really enjoyed the background information related to how you chose your topic, Giana! How cool that you pretend to be a stock picker! A good place to consider for your site visit (or at least one of your site visits) would be the Museum of American Finance.

  3. I like how you related to lots of your family and showed all the process for it! I also liked how you showed how you are doing now like how you check on your families stock’s a lot.

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