Post #3: Site Visit

Required for my Capstone project is a Site Visit. For my Site Visit, I went to the CNBC Global Headquarters in New Jersey.
At CNBC, my godmother, Kerima Greene gave me a tour. She also introduced me to people she works with. One of the people I met was Sandy Cannold. He is the executive producer of CNBC’s Power Lunch. I asked him a few questions about my topic. I then took notes for future use.
I also met a guy named Guy Adami. He is a director. I asked him my main inquiry question, and he gave me the best answer. He said, “Human behavior impacts the stock market. If people are happy, it’s up. If they’re not, it’s down. It’s their decisions that impact it. If they want to spend money, then it’s up. If they don’t it’s down.” I thought that that was very true, but not always thought of.
While I was there, I also interviewed two employees at CNBC.

Post #4: Interviews

While I was at CNBC for my site visit, I did some interviews. My godmother, Kerima Greene recommended these people to me. They were, George Manessis, a markets producer, and Sue Herera, a news anchor.
I first interviewed George. He answered all ten of my questions. I took notes on everything he said to help me remember for my research.
Next, I interviewed Sue. She also answered all of my questions, but she gave me a little more information. I think it’s because she is on TV, so she is used to it. I took notes a lot for this too.

Overall, my interviews helped me a lot with my research.


Ellis Island Field Trip

As a school field trip, the fifth grade went to Ellis Island. As transportation, we took two coach buses. Since there are three fifth grade classes, each bus had one class and half of a class. Mrs. Boyer’s Class was on one bus with half of my class (Mrs. Edward’s Class), Ms. Cooper’s Class was on the other bus with the other half of my class. I was on the bus with Ms. Cooper’s Class. Each coach bus had a bathroom and six little TVs, three on each side.
Our trip started at seven AM and ended at four thirty PM. We rode the bus there for about fifty minutes. Then we got onto a boat to Ellis Island. Then we explored Ellis Island for about three hours. Then we had lunch and got on another boat to see the Statue of Liberty. After that, we went back to the bus and drove home.
I had fun on the field trip. My favorite part was going on the boat. I love boats because I have a little boat that I sail in the Long Island Sound. I would like to go there again.

Peruvian Restaurant Field Trip

As a school field trip, our Spanish teacher Senor Johnson took us to a Peruvian restaurant in Port Chester. The restaurant was, Pollo a La Brasa Misti Restaurant. This trip was a 5th grade trip, which means that the whole 5th grade went.
Each class had groups of about 5 kids. Those groups were the table groups for at the restaurant. When we got to the restaurant, everyone sat at a reserved table with their table group. The waiters would bring each table the same dish. When a table was done with their dish, then they would give them the next dish. There were 5 dishes. They were: Pollo Saltado (chicken with rice), Lomo Saltado (meat with rice), Tallarin Saltado de Carne (meat with noodles), Pescado Al Ajo (fish), and Ensalada de Verduras (salad). My favorite was the Tallarin Saltado de Carne.
I thought that overall this was a great trip. It was a treat because we usually don’t get to share food at school because of allergies. It was really nice of the restaurant to accommodate us. I also thank Senor Johnson for putting the whole trip together and making everything possible.

Post #2: Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Choosing Five Sub Questions

I chose my topic, which was the stock market. Now I had to come up with a main inquiry question. Before I settled on my topic, I already kind of knew what my main inquiry question was. At first I wanted to do, “factors that affect the stock market” Then I realized that that was too broad, so I narrowed it down to, “The top factors that affect the stock market” That would be easier to answer because my sub questions could be the top factors, in the form of a question.
To clarify that my work was correct so far, I FaceTimed my two god mothers. One of them works at CNBC, and does a show called Power Lunch. My other god mother works in the bank business. When we discussed my project, they gave me many ideas and a LOT of information. Almost too much for me to handle. They made me rethink my inquiry question too. I then changed  to my final question, “What top factors impact the stock market?”
After are discussion, I had to write down everything I learned on a document. I wrote down my main inquiry question and some sub questions. First, I made a list of examples of things that impact the stock market. Then I made them into questions. For example, new products impact a company’s stock price, so I made into the question, “How do new products impact a company’s stock price?”
Right now, my five sub questions are, “How do natural disasters impact the market,” “What is meant by the ‘market’,” “How do product launches impact different stocks in different ways,” “How do company announcements impact their stock price,” and “How do elections impact the market?”
I already have a lot of information and I did some research. Now I need to schedule my site visit and interview. Even though it’s pretty early in the project, I also need to start at least thinking about my final presentation.