Post #3: Site Visit

Required for my Capstone project is a Site Visit. For my Site Visit, I went to the CNBC Global Headquarters in New Jersey.
At CNBC, my godmother, Kerima Greene gave me a tour. She also introduced me to people she works with. One of the people I met was Sandy Cannold. He is the executive producer of CNBC’s Power Lunch. I asked him a few questions about my topic. I then took notes for future use.
I also met a guy named Guy Adami. He is a director. I asked him my main inquiry question, and he gave me the best answer. He said, “Human behavior impacts the stock market. If people are happy, it’s up. If they’re not, it’s down. It’s their decisions that impact it. If they want to spend money, then it’s up. If they don’t it’s down.” I thought that that was very true, but not always thought of.
While I was there, I also interviewed two employees at CNBC.

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