Post #7: Capstone Share

It was finally my Capstone share. It wasn’t the one in front of the parents, but it was in front of the school. I was super nervous, but when I saw everyone else go, I thought that it would be okay.
Then I was the last one. I was still okay until I faced the audience. Then I got all red in the face and started sweating like crazy. Since I was presenting in front of 3rd graders, I knew they wouldn’t really understand what I was saying, so that discouraged me a bit. I was also the last one, and it was the end of the day, so everyone was tired and wanted to go home.
When I started presenting, my mind just blanked out. It was so hard for me and I didn’t know why. I thought that I did pretty well in the practices, but this was nothing like it. I knew my script by heart but I just kept stuttering! After that, I knew that I didn’t present to my ability and that I had to practice more. That night, I practiced 3 times with my dad and took in his feedback.
The next morning, the day of the presentation in front of the parents, I practiced once with my mom.When I went to school, I was much more confident. There was a poster of where and when the 5th graders were presenting. I was in the auditorium and I was second. I got a little nervous because second meant that I had to come out really strong.
When it was my turn, I was ready. I got up on the stage and the words came out. I didn’t even have to think, just like I practiced. When I was done, everyone clapped and people said “good job” to me.
This is a video of my Capstone presentation:

Overall, I think I did well. I had a lot of fun on this journey, but I guess this is the end.

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