As you may have known, we did a Breakout in Tech. If you don’t already know, a Breakout is where you have to break codes in order to open a message or a safe box. I’ve done them before in Science and Social Studies sometimes.
It was a lot of fun – especially with my special challenge. At lunch, my friends dared me to talk to only ONE person during the whole period of Tech. I like to accept challenges so I agreed. Of course, my friends wanted to make it hard by picking a person I wouldn’t usually talk to.
When the Breakout started, I realized that I wasn’t in the same group as the person I had to talk to. Then, I asked one of my friends if I could switch sides. She said yes, but when I started helping out the other team, they thought I was spying on them to see their strategy. I had to explain, but I had to do it through the person I had to talk to. I had to say, “Tell the rest of the group that I need to be on this side to do a dare and I’m not cheating.” They were still a little suspicious but it didn’t matter because I won the game for them.
On the lock box, there were three locks. The other group had the same thing, except no one knew which one had the key we were looking for. There was also a lock box that any group could unlock which helped unlock all the locks faster. The first thing everyone did was look for clues. I didn’t find anything, but I helped out when others found some.
Later, on one of the clues, I saw a pattern of LED lights in a maze. We already used that clue, so everyone ignored it. I knew it had to mean something, so I followed the path a counted the number of LED lights. Then, I went over the the locks on the lock box. None of them were number locks. I looked at the other lock box with one lock and realized it had to be it. I punched in the code and pulled the lock. It worked! I showed everyone and they were amazed. I couldn’t really explain what I did but it didn’t matter.
Inside the box was an invisible ink flashlight. Our teacher told me to flash it on one of the papers. In invisible ink was an arrow pointing to a circled word. We quickly put in the code and opened the box. We had the key! “Well done everybody!” said the teacher. I completed my challenge and helped out my team. I couldn’t have had more fun.

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