Thoughts about Starting Tech

I was pretty excited for Tech because I remembered that my brother made really cool things. I always love to create things and invent, so I know I will have a great time. There are also a lot of cool tools that I’ve always wanted to use to create things that are now available to use.
On the first day, we went over the units and things we will be doing. Everything sounded fun and cool, so I am excited. Also, the teacher, Mr. Calvert, seems very nice. He also does a lot of cool things that I also like – for example, making games and building things in Tech. Another thing I like about Tech is the kind of iPad/Chromebook. It’s really cool how the Chromebooks we use are also able to be flipped into an iPad.
On the second day, we went over safety rules. I agreed 100% with all of them and I was thinking that a lot of kids would probably break them. Our class has some kids who like to fool around and not get work done.
On the thrird day, we did a Breakout. Breakouts are games where you have to break codes and unlock locks in order to open a safe box or message. That was a lot of fun. On that day, some of my friends gave me a challenge to talk to only one person during the whole class. It was hard but really fun. I had to open some locks by myself and then it was hard to explain it, but our team still did really well.
The only thing I don’t like about so far Tech is that it is too short of a class and I want to have more time to have fun. I guess I will have to deal with it for now.

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