Box Model

My box model will be made out of cardboard. The first step is measuring the faces and tracing them on the cardboard. Since my box is really big, I needed five pieces of cardboard. After I measured and traced my pieces, I had to cut them with a scroll saw.
After I cut all my pieces out, I had to tape it all together. I didn’t completely tape the top because I wanted it to be like a hinge. I did that by putting tape on one side and on the front and back.

Now that I had my model, I put it in my locker so I would be sure everything would fit.

Box Plan

Our first project in Tech 7 is making a box. The first step is making a plan. I wanted my box to be unique because almost everyone made there’s the same. Mine was going to be very big.
The only requirement was that it had to fit in my locker. It wasn’t that big, so I measured it so my box would be almost as big as the locker. At first, I wanted it to be 16” x 12” x 9”. When I told my teacher, she said that there has to be room to separate the pieces when they are wet. Instead of being 16” long, I changed it to 8” long. That would give a perfect amount of room for wet pieces.

After making my plan, I started to make my model.

Safety in Tech 7

Some rules from Tech 6 apply in Tech 7. They are, don’t run, be careful with the equipment, and wear safety goggles. Some new rules are, don’t touch machines you aren’t instructed to, if you aren’t sure how to use a machine, do it with a teacher or with a buddy, and leave the vises facing down.
No running, being careful with equipment, and wearing safety goggles will be easy to remember because they were also rules in 6th Grade. It will be harder to remember things like leaving the vises faced down. I will help keep myself safe by remembering all the rules.