Rube Goldberg Post #2

I finally decided what I was going to do. I don’t know exactly what my goal is, but I have a pretty good idea. I already know almost all of the steps and my sketch is almost done.

The first step is that I press the button. That causes the car to go around the track. Then the car hits the cup, which makes the ball fall out. Then the ball hits 2 small balls. Then each ball hits a domino, which hits more dominoes. Each path of dominoes leads to a different step.

Rube Goldburg Post #1

Kids in my class are working on a Rube Goldberg project. Some kids are working in groups, and some our working solo. I am working solo. Many people like to work in groups, and so do I, but I chose to work alone because it would be easier to focus and get work done.

It took me a little while to figure out what I was going  to do since I was on vacation for a little while. Most people had already decided who they were going to work with and what their goal would be. I on the other hand didn’t even have  good idea of what we were supposed to do.

Since I already was kind of behind, I thought that it would be best to work alone and not have to worry about scheduling.

Reflection on Rocketry Presentation

Today we presented our rocketry presentation. I was so nervous, I had butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t believe that I had to do the overview and my group’s presentation. . I’ve never had to give big presentation like this and I was worried that I was going to totally mess up.

When I finished the overview, I was relieved. It was very scary, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Then I got very confident for my big presentation.

It turned out that the big presentation was a lot harder. I still got through it, but we all stuttered once or twice.

Giving the presentations was really fun, but I’m glad it’s over because it was hard and nerve-racking. It’s too bad that I still have to do the overview again tomorrow for part 2 of our share.

This is our presentation:

Repaso Tres

In Spanish, I made a screencastify of me answering questions in spanish about what food I like.

I hope you enjoy!

¿A qué hora?

In my Spanish class, I did a screencastify of me answering questions in Spanish from a google slide show I made. Enjoy!

My Colonial Book Reflection

I had so much fun making my new Colonial America Book. I enjoyed researching colonial battles between the Native Americans and the Colonists. It was also fun, but challenging, formatting and fitting everything in my colonial book. I had a great experience.

I did the same topic as Noah, but in the end, the two presentations came out pretty different. Check out his book.

When I researched, I used 2 books and one website. I read the book, Blood On The River By Elisa Carbone and The Real Story of The Weapons and Battles of Colonial America by Kristine Asselin. The website that I used was

Welcome to 2016-2017

It’s a brand new school year! I’m tired.

I’m tired because I didn’t get enough sleep. I was too excited about sharing my curiosity project.

I am also tired because I went to bed late and woke up a bit earlier than usual.

One last reason why I’m tired is because I had a tough brake. I did lots of important things and my god parents slept over at my house.